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Wong Chun Wai – following political masters religiously?

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Wong Chun Wai’s statement that the faithful must not be afraid to challenge their religious leaders if they are wrong prompts John Inbaraj to ask The Star’s group chief editor a searching question.

Wong Chun Wai – Photograph: chartnexus.com

I stopped buying The Star a while ago.

Even before that I bought mainly to read the sports pages and the obituary sections but my friends rebuked me for still “supporting” this trash! So I gave it up.

If I do get into a coffee shop and see this trash lying on the table, I take a peek at the letters page.

I did so today (6 July) and saw a piece written by a ‘Lost Sheep’ from Malacca captioned “Many wolves in sheep’s clothing”. It referred to columnist Wong Chun Wai’s Sunday, 1 July column ‘Pastors are mere mortals’ (I have not read it).

Lost Sheep raised some key points stated by the ‘Datuk’. Among them…”The faithful..must not be afraid to question or even challenge their religious leaders if they are wrong…”

Lost sheep concludes, ”So, don’t, like Wong says, be afraid to speak up even if there is retaliation. It is better to please God than man”.

May I ask you Datuk, Sir, do you write to please God (and humanity) or do you write to serve your political masters?

John Inbaraj is an Aliran member based in Penang

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