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Sodomy II: What conspiracy?

Photograph: themalaymailonline.com

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Why did Saiful go and see Najib a few days before the police report was made, wonders Tota.

Photograph: themalaymailonline.com
Photograph: themalaymailonline.com

In the current Anwar’s Sodomy 2 trial, chief prosecutor Shafee posed the question, “What conspiracy?” in response to the claim by the defence that the sodomy charge against Anwar was political and a despicable conspiracy by Umno to destroy the Pakatan leader and his political career.
Well, in the Sodomy 1 trial, Anwar’s sodomy act was supposed to have taken place at the Tivoli apartments – which did not exist then! The police got the date and time wrong too.

The presiding judge, Augustine Paul aka Mr Irrelevant, instead of throwing out the case, allowed the prosecution to keep changing the charges almost half a dozen times.

The police confiscated Anwar’s passport and conveniently lost it to deny Anwar a foolproof alibi. Again, this strange judge refused to accept a photocopy of the passport as evidence. On this count alone, the judge should have thrown out the case.
Finally, if there was no conspiracy why was Anwar’s DNA taken from the hospital by the police? Little wonder then that Sodomy 1 collapsed.

Anwar was convicted of abuse of power and imprisoned for six years. If it comes to abuse of power, no one was better at it then ex-PM Mahathir.

Coming to Sodomy 2, why did Saiful go and see Najib a few days before the police report was made? Why did Najib initially tell a lie that he did not meet Saiful?

When a photograph showing him with Saiful emerged, Naib shamelessly admitted that he did meet Saiful, who, he claimed, had come to see him for a scholarship.

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The university dropout did not know that the right person to go to was the Minister of Education. Najib entertained him and did not refer him to the right authorities, and there is no record of the ministry’s rejection of his appeal for a scholarship.

It was alleged at that time that Shafee was also present at Saiful’s meeting with Najib. Shafee, however, merely denied his presence there. He did not do what others were doing – swear on the Qur’an! But then again, a lie-detector test would have established the truth.
Would legal experts who have handled rape and sodomy cases have commented that victims are always severely traumatised and feel violated, unclean and contaminated by the attackers and go to great lengths, even to the extent of hurting themselves, to scrub, clean and wash themselves many times to get rid of any trace of the attacker on their bodies.

Saiful, an able-bodied man, could easily have resisted and violently overpowered a 67-year-old Anwar. Instead, Saiful brought along KY lubricant like he had a DIY plan!

The next day, he is happily having or serving tea and cakes with Anwar. He admitted that he did not bathe or wash himself for two days!

Why did the police ask Dr Osman, who examined Saiful first and concluded that there was no penetration, to change his report?
With regard to Anwar’s DNA, the officer entrusted with it, broke the seal and kept it in a steel cabinet for kept it for a day but by the time it went for analysis it was 96 hours. The DNA should have been kept in a freezer to prevent contamination. Shafee claims that no contamination is possible.
With regard to doping tests in sports, Dr Jegathesan explained that there is no possibility of anything going wrong as the international standard is adhered to from how a sample is collected, who observes it, how it is transported, what is the chain of custody and where it goes.

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With regards to urine Sample A and Sample B, he said an athlete could choose a pair of new and unopened bottles to store his urine. Then the athlete will pour the urine in two bottles, seal them and put them into a polystyrene bag and seal it too.

Eventually, all those collected for the day will be put into another bag and sealed. At the lab, a machine will open the A bottle and lab technicians will test it.
Compare this to how stupidly Anwar’s DNA was handled. It is mind-boggling.
In the case of a sportsman or woman found guilty, a suspension of the athlete based on the seriousness of the case is handed out.
In Anwar’s case, he faces imprisonment. If there is a conspiracy or frame-up, I think those involved should be imprisoned for subverting the law.
NB: I have taken a bet with my well-educated and knowledgeable friend who studies Umno politics, that Shafee will be the next attorney general for outstanding services rendered.
Tota is the pseudonym of an occasional contributor to our Thinking Allowed Online section.

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