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Adenan, the extremists and religious bigots are in Umno

Adenan Satem - Photograph: tv14.my

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Who are the ones with extreme views. Tota looks at recent history to provide some clues.

Recently Adenan said, “The state community would be bulldozed by uncouth people such as those from the likes of DAP.”

In March 2016 Adenan said, “Sarawakians are peaceful people, let it stay that way. That’s why I don’t want these people (extremists, religious bigots and trouble-makers) to come.”

Adenan, you must really be out of touch with reality. The extremists and religious bigots are aplenty in Umno – not in the DAP and the rest of the Opposition.

Let me give you ample proof of what I say:

1) The Asia Pacific Coalition for East Timor II (Apcet II) forum at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur in 1996 to discuss Indonesian atrocities in East Timor was invaded by an Umno mob, which smashed tables and chairs and disrupted the event.

2) The Malaysian Chinese Organisation Elections Appeals Committee (Suqiu) movement submitted a 17-point plan for fairer socio-economic policies – a far-sighted and progressive plan for national development. An Umno mob threatened the group at the Chinese Assembly Hall in 2000 with “rivers of blood” if the plan was not withdrawn. They even threatened to burn down the building

3) The Article 11 group, which wanted to educate the rakyat about their constitutional rights, was the victim of thugs who disrupted its activities. An unruly crowd of demonstrators forced the forum organised jointly by Aliran and Article 11 Coalition in Penang on 14 May 2006 to be called off when they threatened to storm the Cititel Hotel, where the forum was held. Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein had this to say later, “This is a warning from the Youth Movement. Do not raise any issues in relation to Article 11…”

4) A Bar Council’s forum on the conversion of minors when one non-Malay spouse converts to Islam was abruptly shortened following disturbances from angry street protesters outside on 9 August 2008.

5) Khairy Jamaluddin led an Umno mob to protest against the United States outside the US Embassy on 29 July 2006. He was yelling, according to many who witnessed his performance on Youtube, like a madman and hurling abuse at the Americans. (If you are interested you can see his performance on Youtube.)

6) Umno thugs tore down a portrait of former Penang Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon (of Gerakan) and stomped on it to show their anger at his policy on 8 September 2008.

7) An Umno Youth mob rushed up to Karpal Singh when he arrived in Parliament on 28 February 2009 and started verbally abusing and threatening him without any respect for Parliament itself.

8) On 15 March 2008, a week after the general election, an Umno mob marched to Komtar to protest against Lim Guan Eng after Friday prayers. The uncouth language they hurled at Guan Eng, it would appear, only confirmed that their hearts, minds and souls had not been purified one bit.

9) It was a pro-Umno mob that was involved in the “cow-head” incident on 28 August 2009. They were protesting against a Hindu temple in a Malay-majority area. If the logic of these dim-witted goons was applied internationally, there would be no mosques in the United States, Canada, all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand etc. In India, only Kashmir would have mosques.

10) Hishammuddin Hussein’s performance at the Umno general assembly on 20 July 2005 was disgraceful. Yelling, he threatened the non-Malays and with great flamboyance kissed the keris (an act he repeated in two consecutive Umno assemblies). His action encouraged the Perlis delegate to ask, “You have unsheathed the keris, waved it, kissed it; when are you going to use it?”

11) Businessman Amir Bazli Abdullah sued then Deputy Information Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for alleged assault outside a club in Kajang in which the former claimed he suffered a broken nose. A police report was made but the matter dragged on apparently because of “arahan dari atas”. Amir then engaged Karpal Singh. Zahid took fright and before the case could go on trial in the High Court, a mediated settlement was reached without Karpal’s presence. Adenan welcomes Zahid because he will be able to promise many goodies to entice the voters.

12) Ali Tinju, a retired army man, headed a pro-Umno mob and his racially charged speech on 12 July 2015 contributed to the tension ahead of the destructive riot at the Low Yat Plaza. He was charged with sedition.

13) The IGP’s brother, an Umno division leader, led a mob which threatened a church in Taman Medan to remove its cross from its wall on 19 April 2015. Up to now, no one has been charged for this insensitive and provocative demonstration against the church.

14) Many Malaysians consider Najib a Jekyll-and-Hyde character speaking different things to different audiences. Adenan should get a transcript of Najib’s speech at the Umno general assembly on 10 December 2015 as well as the speech he made to silat practioners on 18 September 2016 after the Red Shirts rally. After that, if you do not think his views sound extreme, thinking Malaysians would conclude that you must really be daft.

15) Umno has produced certain leaders with extreme views. They cannot survive politically if they do not spout such views. Let me give you a few examples:

a) The late Mohamed Rahmad said at the Umno general assembly in November 2006: “Please don’t test the Malays; they know ‘amok’. We don’t want to reach that level”.

b) Malacca delegate Hansoor Sidang Hussein said at the same assembly, “Umno is willing to risk lives and bathe in blood in defence of race and religion. Don’t play with fire. If they mess with our rights, we will mess with theirs.”

c) Penang delegate Musa Sheik Fadzir said, “Don’t test the patience of the Malays and don’t play with fire.”

Adenan, stop accusing the DAP and the rest of the Opposition of being extremists and religious bigots.

If you can provide evidence against the Opposition (similar to the above solid examples, in the case of Umno), then you have grounds for such accusations.

Otherwise, stop talking nonsense.

Tota is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to our Thinking Allowed Online section.

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