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Another duplicate agency? Nothing to shout about

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Why has the ruling government with all its humongous allocations still not brought up bumiputeras to a level where they would not even need a specialist training agency, wonders An Observer.

I refer to the chest-thumping and floor-stomping over a skills training programme by a foundation, as reported in a news portal.

Only 10,000 bumiputera talents developed since 2012? That’s about 2,500 a year only. This is an achievement? Seriously? I think some private companies may have developed more talents than that.

I really don’t get it how anyone can even remotely think this is a success. What is the cost-benefit analysis of the large amounts spent on such programmes?

An example quoted was

I was fascinated by the story of Mohd Zulfadly Abdul Razzaq from Perak. “He was a welding technician with a pay of RM3,000 a month before joining the Peneraju Skil programme in 2014, having only an SPM qualification. “After two weeks of training, Zulfadly was offered a job as piping field engineer with an international oil and gas company, and now earns RM17,000 a month,”…

My question is whether Zulfady has given his consent under personal data protection laws for this information to be released to the public.

How many such examples are there or is this just a lone example?

This foundation, I feel, is another example of a duplicate agency that was set up although many such agencies in different guises already exist. Why do we even need such a foundation when the government has many, many other such agencies whose sole purpose or main purpose is to develop bumiputera talents and improve their lives?

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What about all the other government companies, agencies and bodies undertaking similar programmes? Surely they would be able to achieve better results given their long existence? How many talents have Mara, UTM, the various skills development centres, the government-linked companies and the government-linked investment companies developed in the same period?

The real question is not why only 10,000 talents have been developed by Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera since 2012.

The real question should be, why has the ruling government with all its proactive policies and humongous allocations still not brought up bumiputeras to a level where they would not even need a specialist training agency or arm?

A poor track record and effort – and yet we are announcing to the world as if we have just found the formula to turn water into gold.

An Observer is the pseudonym of a casual follower of the non-stop shenanigans played out in the public sphere and at times can’t stop the urge to write and join in the merriment.

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