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Ku Li just being si-li

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Tengku Razaleigh’s statement that political divisions among the Malays will allow the DAP dominate the national political landscape is astounding in its naivety, writes An Observer.

I was shocked and flabbergasted to read that a new ‘convert’ is reportedly espousing the DAP/Chinese bogeyman mantra again.

It is astounding in its naivety as the only reason one can think for this is just stirring the pot for cheap publicity. Looks as if open season on DAP/Chinese Malaysians has started in earnest if even someone like Ku Li is harping on it.

How on earth can a group of people making up just about 25 per cent of the total population control the politics of the country? This is even assuming that all Chinese Malaysians are DAP supporters and no one supports the MCA or Gerakan or the multitude of other multiracial parties

Is this brought about by the fear of Malays losing power or of Umno losing power?

I dare to wager my bottom ringgit that the Malays will never lose power in this country. It will never happen – especially when every single enforcement, regulatory and supervision agency is controlled by the Malays. To suggest otherwise is mischievous.

On the other hand, Umno losing power is real and may happen, and this is making those with well lined pockets squirm in their seats.

Any Malay party which seeks to oust Umno is invariably accused of being a proxy for the DAP. Really?

Selangor and Kelantan are run by non-Umno Malays; you don’t see DAP controlling these states.

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As it is, some Chinese Malaysian politicians are squabbling among themselves just like the Malays or Indians. In politics as practised in Malaysia, it is a free for all. So how on earth can the DAP control Malaysian politics, when they have their hands full just controlling Penang politics?

For someone of Ku Li’s experience, especially in the BN with its multiracial credentials, to come out with such a scaremongering statement is just appalling. Will he say he was misquoted?

The DAP is a pragmatic party even if it is labelled as chauvinistic and whatnot. Remember that in Perak when they had a majority of state seats, they still agreed for the Menteri Besar to be from Pas?

An Observer is a casual follower of the non-stop shenanigans and games played out in the public sphere and at times can’t stop the urge to write and join in the merriment.

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