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MAS, Soros and Najib

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In the late 1990s, we had Soros as our scapegoat but today our downfall is widely perceived to have been orchestrated by the highest leader of our land, says Damian Denis.

Perlis Mufti Asri Zainul’s comment on the MAS stewardesses’ dress code has sparked a frenzy of responses on social media.

Many said that MAS stewardesses should be given the freedom to don their tudung while working during flights. Even some non-Muslims felt the same. 
Perhaps, they should be given the freedom to choose whether to clad a tudung or not.
MAS will not go bust if the stewardesses don a tudung or not. MAS was already on the verge of bankruptcy long before this issue came about!
The same goes for our country.
Do you think this is an issue that Malaysians should be grappling with right now? I mean, should this issue be taking precedence over other important matters in this country needing urgent attention?
Has our society become morally better with our focus on the externals rather than what is really plaguing the country? The results have shown otherwise. Over the last five years, our society has become morally bankrupt in more ways than one.

We have issues that stink to high heavens such as 1MDB, the RM2.6bn ‘donation’, the soaring cost of living and GST, racism, bigotry and human rights violations.
Why aren’t our leaders focusing on these troubling issues? They simply can’t as they are widely perceived to be the very culprits behind these alleged abuses and massive corrupt practices in this country. And they have almost always been part of the problem and never the solution.
So, let’s not get carried away by the externals and conveniently forget what goes on inwardly in the minds of these people because what comes out of those in the corridors of power affects us the most.
Take the hefty price hikes for essential goods and services. I don’t think the prices of goods in this country are affected by what people choose to wear or not to wear! As we have seen in 2015, it is the incompetence, moral degradation and grand corruption of our national leaders that has almost brought our nation to its knees. 
People on the streets are suffering as they have to deal with the effects of all this on a daily basis. Those in the Klang Valley pay the toll the moment they leave their homes.
And if we look at the actions, policies, laws coming out of Putrajaya, very few have benefited the rakyat at all.
This government was never people-centred to begin with. Its policies and actions – the electricity and toll hikes – have added to the people’s burden, and I sense that many are just getting tired of what is going on.
Why should the rakyat pay dearly for our leaders’ incompetence? We should STOP electing to high office those who make our lives more miserable!
Today, Putrajaya is filled with rotten deadwood, churning out rotten policies and actions to the detriment of the rakyat, especially the low-income group.
The multi-billion ringgit corruption which has been conveniently termed as ‘donation’ and other cases of brazen abuse of power at the highest level by our government is happening in front of our eyes. Yet, most rakyat feel helpless to do anything about it.

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Is there a way out of this? Yes, there is! The rakyat will not stomach this nonsense anymore and GE14 will put a stop to this,
We have been through other crises before, but I must say this is a self-made crisis induced by our very own leaders. In the late 1990s, we had Soros as our scapegoat but today our downfall is widely perceived to have been orchestrated by the highest leader of our land working in collusion with his cohorts!

And he still leads the country comfortably from the corridors of power – for the moment. The time of reckoning will surely come.

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