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Sarawak polls: Dismay over DAP-PKR impasse

Adenan Satem - Photograph: tv14.my

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Even as our country is led by a tainted leader, the opposition cannot pull their act together, laments Fearful.

Lim Kit Siang said the bad blood between the DAP and the PKR in Sarawak is the saddest moment in his political career. I don’t think he was being melodramatic.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The fight between the DAP and the PKR in those six seats will spill over. How can they cooperate fully in other constituencies in Sarawak?

I will pay special attention to the results of those six seats. As far as I am concerned now, the Sarawak elections is a non-event. It is already a given that Adenan will romp home; it looks like the DAP and the PKR have given him a ‘steroid’ booster!

I will drink a toast to the Umnoputras if they win those six seats. It matters not even if they win just one of those six as a result of split opposition votes; it will be good enough to show the stupidity of those responsible for the PKR-DAP impasse.

So, is there a silver lining to the Pakatan Harapan storm clouds in Sarawak? I am being cynical – perhaps selfish as well. I am not a rich person; so it means I do not need to donate to the opposition cause in Sarawak. Yes, I had abstained from doing so till now as reports had alluded to this infighting for weeks.

Yes, I had set the amount aside; I will now donate it to a charity. No, no, please do not misunderstand me; I know my donation in the grand scheme of expenses for the elections is insignificant. Neither the DAP nor the PKR will miss it, but a charity will now get an additional small contribution.

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I believe my blood pressure will be much more stable this Sarawak state elections. I will not bat an eyelid if the Umnoputras sweep all 82 seats of the Sarawak State Assembly. So, all the reports of unfair electoral practices and ‘buy’ elections tactics in Sarawak will no longer cause my blood to boil.

To me, this is another silver lining to the DAP-PKR spat in Sarawak: maybe I can avoid putting myself on Adenan’s black list. This is tongue-in-cheek really for I am too small a fry to catch that authoritarian leader’s eyes. Still, I had reposted ad verbatim Richard Loh’s open letter to Sarawakians and Mariam Mokhtar’s piece ‘Najib barks, Adenan Jumps’ on my Facebook page.

I think I am one of the many rakyat rooting for change from the sidelines. I am sorry for the PKR Adun and MP in my constituency. He is not a seat-warmer: he has gone to the ground; he has met his constituents, and there are improvements to my neighborhood. If he stands again in GE14 as an independent, he shall have my vote. But if he stands under the PKR flag, my vote will not go to him.

I am not a DAP supporter either but, the way I see it, it is the PKR that reneged on an agreement made at the national level. Wan Azizah has shown again the weak leadership quality some have attributed to her and allowed Azmin (an Umnoputra at heart?) to throw a spanner into a united Pakatan Harapan front for the Sarawak state elections.

Even as our country is led by a tainted leader, the opposition cannot pull their act together. This is why some analysts have speculated we should not be surprised if after GE14, our nation will yet again be helmed by that same leader.

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And then, who knows, we will finally make it as the most corrupt nation in the world.

Fearful is the pseudonym of a concerned Malaysian reader of Aliran.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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