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Umno must act against its Terengganu state assembly member’s goading

Ahmad Said - Photograph: beritadaily.com

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Umno and the BN must not give in to those who seek to derail the course of democracy through the individual political manoeuvring of a political maverick, writers An Observer.

There are no two ways about it. Umno must act at once against the indiscipline and goading of Ahmad Said of the Terengganu State Assembly.

In Malaysia, parliamentarians and state assembly members are elected on party tickets and they are expected to be loyal to the party. If they disagree, then they should resign and contest under their personal name (although currently if they resign their seat they would be barred from contesting for five years).

To allow anyone to ‘blackmail’ an entire state or federal government is an affront to democracy. No matter how difficult it may turn out to be for the ruling party, this sort of ‘cancer’ must be eradicated immediately or it may spread elsewhere.

If due to this sacking, Umno and the BN lose their majority and have to call for state elections, so be it. I am sure, with the expected backing and resources and support from the ruling federal government, the current state administration will be installed in power after the snap election is called.

Umno and the BN must not give in to the bullies who seek to derail the course of democracy and the decision of the voters through the individual political manoeuvring of a maverick politician who was once a party loyalist.

A person elected on an Umno-BN ticket is goading everyone saying he will join Pas if his wishes are not granted. Can there be any bigger breach of party discipline then this dare? This maverick is not championing democracy or the people’s need. He appears to be championing his own ego. He should face disciplinary action at once.

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Just as PKR moved decisively to remove the sitting Selangor MB due to his recalcitrant habit – even though it created endless nightmare for them – eventually party discipline was restored.

I am not a member of any political party; neither am a political activist, but I abhor bullies and those who forget whose gravy train they are riding or who is filling their rice bowl.

It is also time for the government to amend existing election laws so that ‘frogs’ who jump from one party (under whose banner they were elected) to another must automatically resign and contest under the banner of their new party.

Voters who voted for a particular candidate under a particular party should not be circumvented by party-hoppers. Democracy must be paramount at the end of day.

An Observer is a casual follower of the nonstop shenanigans and games played out in the public sphere and at times can’t stop the urge to write and join in the merriment

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