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Oh no, he is at it again!

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Ku Nan’s ministry should not have been set up in the first place as its work appears to replicate the work of Kuala Lumpur City Hall, writes An Observer.

I am always amused (not in the ha-ha sense but in the oh-no-he-is-at-it-again sense) when I read comments attributed to Ku Nan (Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor).

The latest being his allegation that Sivarasa Rasiah had “talked politics” at a mosque. Guess where Ku Nan made his allegation. Yes, you guess it right. At a mosque.

Although Ku Nan’s ranting was at a mosque compound, surely it counts as “talking politics” too, as he was attacking a political opponent.

In my opinion, Ku Nan has truly established himself as the No 1 court jester for the ruling government: he is shooting out like one joke a week for the rest of us to keep amused.

His previous track record includes:

  • witnessing confusion caused by Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s raising and decreasing parking rates in certain areas outside the Kuala Lumpur city centre.
  • accusing businesses in the city of increasing prices unjustly as a conspiracy to topple the government. Wow really, they can do this?
  • asking women to dress shabbily so that they won’t be attacked or harassed in public. A week later, he claimed it was just a joke.
  • proposing to reduce the number parking bays that buildings in Kuala Lumpur would have to provide to encourage motorists to use public transport. Now, this would have been a good idea only if all ministers and government officers who are provided cars and drivers use public transport as well. Public money is used to build car parks at government buildings for this entitled lot – but private citizens do not have the right to choose?
  • changing nine road names in KL. The deputy federal territories minister initially said the request came from the Rulers, but minister Ku Nan said later it was his ministry’s decision. 
  • seeing a site on which a community centre stands having to give way to high-rise affordable housing.

All this from a ministry that should not have been set up in the first place as its work appears to replicate the work of Kuala Lumpur City Hall. So two sets of government servants are being paid to cover a similar area.

Although the Federal Territories Ministry covers Putrajaya and Labuan too, you don’t hear much about them: the ministry seems to be focusing on Kuala Lumpur.

So there is no shortage of amusement over all this.

An Observer is the pseudonym of a casual follower of the non-stop shenanigans played out in the public sphere and at times can’t stop the urge to write and join in the merriment.

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