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3 unsolved mysteries that haunt Malaysia

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The day we can solve these three mysteries will be the day honour, dignity and the good name of the nation will be restored, writes JD Lovrenciear.

1. Altantuya murder

The murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu in 2006 is the first mystery. Till today, we do not know the motive for this gruesome murder.

Who ordered this high-profile killing? How did two salaried service personnel gain access to powerful explosives often used for detonating mega structures? And why would a lone woman be blasted in such a manner leaving no DNA traceability?

This mystery haunts the entire nation. But no answers.

2. 1MDB scandal

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The second mystery is the cursed 1MDB debacle – a multi-billion ringgit scandal that spread across the globe, inflicting brutal blows to many individuals and organisations that pride themselves as among the world’s best.

Till today, we do not know for sure who the real mastermind of the world’s biggest kleptocracy is.

Najib Razak, whose government was brought down in 2018, said he would clear his name in open court. Similarly, fugitive Jho Low claims he knows nothing.

So who is the mastermind of the 1MDB scandal, which has brought the nation so much misery? Will we know the truth eventually?

3. Who is the ‘backdoor government’ mastermind?

The third mystery to descend on us was the coup staged on 29 February 2020. How did an elected, functioning government of 22 months suddenly and so quickly have the rug pulled from under its feet?

The seventh prime minister says it was not him. The eighth PM blames his predecessor. The public are pointing to a sacked PKR member and former minister. But the person in question is just too happy, smiling, head held high for media photographers.

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Who hatched this plan, recruited the MPs and executed the coup, which saw the fall of a legitimate government? Despite various attempts by so many ordinary people, analysts and opinion leaders to try to explain, the coup is still a great mystery. We don’t know who pulled off this act of betrayal unprecedented in the history of this nation.

The precedence set by a bunch of plotting politicians in Malaysia is dangerous especially in an era when corrupt leaders are under the radar of ethical watchdogs. Politicians in neighbouring countries who have no regard for parliamentary democracy, which is fundamental for all peaceful, progressive nations might be tempted to emulate this takeover strategy.

Such “backdoor governments” need to be disciplined. The rights of citizens cannot be violated by individuals and groups out to grab power and control. People in countries across South East Asia had worked hard to free their nations from corrupt governments that rained misery on their people.

And so, these three mysteries – Altantuya, 1MDB and the coup of 29 February 2020 – continue to haunt Malaysia and cast doubt on our international standing. The day we can solve these three mysteries is the day honour, dignity and the nation’s good name will be restored.

If we say we are patriotic citizens, but then remain indifferent to these mysteries, that would be a contradiction. There is no reason not to care for the good name of our country.

Meanwhile, these three mysteries in Malaysia will make good material for study in universities around the world!

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