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A Malaysia Day poem

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Celebrate independence!
The forging of a nation
I will not, just yet!

Still, I lose not hope.
Caving or crumbling not
Despite the destitution in
Disappointment or despair.
On spittle and spite of contemptuous
Discrimination and division
On pain of unwontedness or the
Hungers pangs of abandonment
Convict and convince, that each is
A lighted candle of hope

Celebrate independence!
The forging of a nation
I will not, just yet!

Until we collectively vanquish:

Every thorn of injustice thrown
By charlatans of faith

Every wound of insults hurled
By soothsayers of racism

Every hoax of political promise thrown
By frauds in the political elite

Every abuse of power
In greed of corruption

Every act of poisonous
Political ideological indoctrination

Every profanity of brainwashing
Planting negative religious philosophy
Injuring and separating us

Every missing individual
Not a mystery but a mastery
To be impartially investigated
And victims knowing truth

Every witch hunt of
Prosecution and persecution
Thrown against innocents
Who suffer in prisons labels
Assigning some as ‘pendatangs’

Two political mishaps and mistakes in
The creaky, creepy, cranky, crabby and chronic
Old political chameleons and their cohorts
Agitating and aggravating
Over this, that and everything
Over much ado over nothing
Forget and ignore them
Move forward!

Celebrate independence!
The forging of a nation
I will not, just yet!

Until our leaders
Submit, retreat or surrender not
Compromising none of us
In culpability of fleeing cowardice
From battlefields of justice
Or wars waged against corruption

Fight valiantly with nobility
For the deeper purpose and meaning
Of unity and oneness in embracing,
Attaining and achieving
True sister and brotherhood
For each and every one, without exception
In the face of adversarial
Treacherous religious bigots and
Treasonous toxic racists
Forsake not each and every
Child and citizen of our nation

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Celebrate independence!
The forging of a nation
I will not just yet!

Perhaps this passion felt
Exists far more for the vulnerable
The marginalised homeless
The ones who scrape and scratch
The good earth for a living
The child denied higher education
Not for want or lack
On merit of intelligence or industry
But for the tone colour of skin
Dwell not in shackles or chains of grief
Where a tear of sorrow may escape
The cage of the eye
Soiling the sacred soil
Of this blessed nation

Desecrate not the flag
By claiming this nation
As exclusive property of some
Defile not the Constitution
By misconstruction of inequalities
Assigning among citizens
Some as more and some as less

Defame not the forefathers
With trick or treats of profane piety
In pillaging and plundering
Hoarding the hard-earned
Wealth of each and every citizen
And gaining acquittal of justice

Be not proud
Wave or hoist not the Jalur Gemilang
Of excessive majestic mesmerising beauty
And magnificent splendour
If one cannot meet
What commitment and dedication it
Demands from each and every citizen
No less the lifeblood of your breath
To be family in fellowship
Bonded in sweet inseparable binding
Blind and sightless to differences
As diversities’ sons and daughters
Of a nation embracing each with equality

Celebrate independence!
The forging of a nation
I will not just yet!

Sing not patriotic songs that are
Unrealised or unawakened
Proclaim not and claim not
That which is never
Given, taken or won
Salute not and take no oath or
Pledges of allegiance and loyalty
When hateful daggers of betrayal
In alliances formed for
The conveniences and comfort of power
Personal pride and pleasure exist
Hurting and harming citizens

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Celebrate we must,
When we strive and struggle to
Eradicate and exterminate
All vexations of inequalities
Afflicting, affecting and plaguing
Each and every citizen

Free all from the skullduggery
To be liberated from the mindless
Misery of political slavery
Harden thy will of steel with
Resilience and resistance
Use dignified honourable resolve
Contest for betterment values
Without malice or mischief
Without hate or hurt
Without injury or wound
For none can break
Shatter, fragment or destroy
The union of peace and harmony
Of Us, We, You, I or Them!
If we choose this path.

For such liberties and freedoms
Earned, gained and won
On aspiration and aspersions
Is a debt we owe to the past, in
Representation of our shared humanity

Weaved into the garments of diversity
Threaded and knitted by varying colours
Displaying glowing promises unfilled
Why celebrate when we have not yet
Proffered anything of worth
Profitable on deeds where
Poverties perish from the unavoidable good
That each of us wield an unyielding force
Of compassionate kindness, that will
Touch, shape and form lives

Illuminated by beautiful ideals
Powerless we are not
In forbearance we keep
Alive the flame of dreams
And spirit of acquired heritage
Otherwise, what be our
Testament of sacrifice
For the acquisition of
Heritage’s inheritance and treasures tradition?
Unquenchable and unconquerable
Prayers of unquenchable thirst exists
Not as proposition or option
But as an ironclad guarantee
Irreversible and irrefutable
Warranty seeking and searching
The good that surpasses greatness

– Dominic Damian

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