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Act decisively against those who plundered the nation

A royal commission of inquiry into the judiciary is needed

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If the laws are inadequate to prosecute them effectively, convene Parliament, construct and create sound laws specifically for their crimes, writes Dominic Damian.

Those crooks who plundered and embezzled the wealth of the nation were thumbing their noses at us in scorn all this while.
The scale of their thievery was so astronomical and disproportionate to their stupidity. It is simply amazing that the most stupid, self-serving bunch of people in the globe were able to conduct such blatant and brazen thievery.

The complexity of the crime resides in the intricate web of how so many people were sucked into this mass stupidity and became complicit in the criminality. And it is baffling that the perpetrators felt the need to flaunt their loot like trophies in every direction. In the process, institutions of government and individuals alike were enticed and seduced and became complicit.

Now plans are afoot to make a movie out of this sordid affair. But it is going to be exceptionally difficult to secure the best actors – few would want to be cast in a role of such amplified stupidity. Perhaps they may have to get the real-life cast from Malaysia, but then again the fees would run into billions and it might become the first trillion dollar movie!

So effectiveness was the assault on our system of governance and institutions that it revealed how compromised and how deep the rot had set in. So many apparently decent, well-placed, educated and wealthy individuals fell to the dark side.

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In the process, they revealed the dismal failure of previous governments, well before the Najib administration, which pursued polices that led to the current rot.
These brazen criminals are now putting up a show of concern for religion, race and royalty to rally support. In reality, the corruption had penetrated deep into their marrow: it just needed the right occasion and technique to surface. The reins of power enabled them to do almost anything they pleased.
The government must rectify the anomalies and inequalities in the dispensation of justice. The thieves have more than enough of our money stashed away somewhere and their potential for wrongdoing is known and established.

Act early and clearly with a well-defined purpose. Don’t be on the defensive but rather on the legal offensive. The funds stashed away could be used for all kinds of dubious and worrying purposes, including, ironically, mounting an expensive legal defence.

Apply the full weight of the law on them relentlessly. Think of the sabotage to the economy, the embezzlement, the grand larceny and money laundering. Look at how well attired they are when they come to court, smirking at our justice system.

If the laws are inadequate to prosecute them effectively, convene Parliament and create sound laws specifically for their crimes. Their financial capabilities must be crippled by freezing all their assets.

Let them all work and struggle like normal citizens instead of loafing around and disturbing our lives with their warped philosophies.

Some of their supporters can be found within the institution of Parliament. My advice to them: please get out if you can’t or won’t be an effective opposition or contribute towards meaningful nation-building. Otherwise, you would be a total waste of taxpayers’ funds.

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