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After the fall: Reflections on Malaysian politics


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JD Lovrenciear shared these thoughts after the recent fall of the legitimately elected Pakatan Harapan government.

Since the coup of 2020, several politicians and groups have made all kinds of allegations against certain quarters, including suggesting they were disrespectful to the king. Such allegations are not going to help this nation move forward.

The worst disrespect a person could show, irrespective of position in society, is to steal from the nation to enrich himself or herself and family members.

Then there is the giving of ‘political donations’ in exchange for business benefits. Why would a businessman or company give millions of ringgit to politicians in power? As a form of corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

When there are so many orphanages, welfare homes, NGO-run drug rehabilitation centres, homes for the homeless elderly and a host of NGOs relying on donations to help the disadvantaged, why do businesses instead make “political donations” – and sometimes not just to any registered political party but to certain individuals helming such parties as well?

Some might argue it is nobody’s business who they give their millions to. Others might defend ‘political donations’ by claiming that almost the entire world practises this, so what is your problem? But can a nation governed by political parties that thrive on political donations ever bring genuine prosperity to its people? Prosperity built on questionable money and dubious means is not genuine prosperity. It is ill-gotten wealth.

The worst disrespect to king and country is to continue trying to divide people along racial and religious lines.

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Politicians jumping from one political party to another in the face of a backdoor coup is also unacceptable and a definite disrespect to the people who voted them along party lines.

Stealing the wealth of this nation, dividing the people along racial and religious lines by sowing divisiveness, suspicion and distrust, and even changing allegiances from one party to another for personal reward – these are all acts of absolute disrespect to the people and nation.

We the people of Malaysia must never tolerate such despicable acts.

No place for identity politics in emerging world order

At the heart of the plotters’ action which led to the fall of a legitimately elected government was the call for racial and religious supremacy.

As identity politics picks up following this uncalled-for coup, these politicians seem in denial mode that in the new world order emerging with the fifth industrial revolution, many of Malaysia’s trading partners will shun identity politics.

The recent oil palm boycott by India for example saw our politicians running helter-skelter.

The democratic world will not remain indifferent to governments that practise mutated versions of democracy. Businesses and foreign investors will be more mindful of whom they trade with or which country they invest in to avoid being reprimanded by civil society movements in their own nations.

The fifth industrial revolution, aided by the next generation of social media tools, will punish nations suspected of identity politics. Can Muhyiddin’s new government withstand the global tide of objections?

As it is, no progressive nation from the developed world has conveyed congratulatory messages through diplomatic channels. That itself should be a hint of Perikatan Nasional’s future.

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Malaysian politicians messed up our beloved nation big time.

Give you a chance?

However you argue, the new government does not have a mandate from the people. This is a fact.

Now the new government’s prime minister has pleaded with the people, “Give us a chance-lah,” when asked about snap polls. How much more ridiculous can it get?

You took over power through the back door by plotting a coup, enticing unprincipled lawmakers to make up the numbers. Is that consecrated by any democratic principle or propagated by any religion – Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity or Sikhism?

You paralysed a democratically elected government, and now you are asking the same citizens you betrayed to give you a chance to prove that you and your bandwagon of political profiteers are a better choice.

If all of you wanted to save our nation, then why in the first place did you go through the back door? Principled politicians and God-fearing leaders of a democratic nation would have waited for the polls to seek a mandate to serve the people and build the nation.

But you did not do that, did you? Hence not only are many concerned Malaysians feeling betrayed, but the world out there is watching closely. If democratic nations and spiritual or religious heads had celebrated your victory, they would have opened the floodgates leading to the death of democracy in their own nations.

You are all accountable to 32 million Malaysians, to global leaders and above all, to God. Perhaps you may want to show us evidence in any of the holy books that praises betrayal and the stealing of power to form a government.

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