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Alarming incidents raise a host of questions

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MP Teresa Kok recently received bullets and a derogatory, foul-language threat in the letter box at her residence. 

What exactly is going on in Malaysia? This question is not one of speculation; it is a serious, legitimate concern. 

We are still mourning the unacceptable killing of two constables by someone who stormed into a police station in Johor. 

Before that, we heard of a foreign ‘underworld’ individual who had come into the country and was supplied with firearms by a local couple. 

These may be separate incidents, but it appears that guns and bullets are easily within reach of people in the country. 

Attacking our police station and killing police personnel is no small matter. It raises a range of concerns, from safety to security to lawlessness. It even undermines the century-old reputation of our forces. 

Sending bullets to an MP is no isolated matter either, nor can it be dismissed as a prank. It is an affront to our laws and democracy. 

Selling firearms to an alleged hitman who came into our country raises unanswered questions. Where and how are these supplies coming into the country when we have very stringent laws in place?

The authorities must address this underlying threat. 

Are we sinking into a lackadaisical mindset? Worse, are we thriving in a culture of corruption, which inadvertently ‘supports’ a lucrative business of firearms?

How widespread is this ‘supply’ of firearms in the country? 

Will the security agencies be able to guarantee that the nation can be free of threats from dangerous factions or individuals having access to guns and bullets?

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If C4 explosives can secretly leave military vaults; if bullets can appear in a letter box; if firearms can be secretly bought by an alleged foreign hitman soon after he lands in Malaysia – do we not have reason to worry and even demand answers? 

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Paul Timothy
Paul Timothy
28 May 2024 6.09pm

Meanwhile, the PH government and Anthony Loke as Minister of Transportation, and the traffic division of PDRM are allowing a whole generation of traffic lawbreakers to perpetuate with little done to put the fear of the law into them. Even in YouTube videos posted by tourists one can see motorcyclists weaving in and out of pedestrian walks, speeding through red lights, weaving about 3 lane roads from the car overtaking lanes to the slow lanes – and they curse at or threaten car drivers who get in their way (even at car drivers signaling to change lanes) – against the traffic laws those of us who are older were brought up to obey. Then there are motorcar drivers breaking red lights habitually, changing lanes without signaling, etc.!!!

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