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Altantuya murder mystery must be solved

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Many Malaysians are looking for closure so that the nation can move forward, writes JD Lovrenciear

The mysterious murder in Malaysia of Altantuya Shaariibuu deserves another look. 

Out of the blue, the murder has blown into the public sphere all over again. Whether it will be reburied, as was the case these past 13 years, remains to be seen. 

The statutory declaration by one of the specially trained police personnel involved in the killing and blowing up of the Mongolian translator has triggered all kinds of defensive reactions and denials.

But several key questions linger.

First, we are still waiting to know what the motive behind this gruesome killing. 

Second, we are still waiting to know who gave the marching orders to the two police personnel who are trained to carry out orders to the letter in discharging their duty. 

Third, whatever the previous outcomes at the Palace of Justice, fresh issues now arise with the latest statutory declaration by Azilah Hadri, who is on death row. 

For as long as the people of Malaysia and Mongolia do not have closure over this mystery of mysteries, do we blame them them for harbouring deep suspicions? 

Hopefully, the new government that promised to uphold the rule of law will see to it that justice is decisively delivered. Only then can the dignity of this nation be restored.

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SNaidu, Dr.
SNaidu, Dr.
30 Dec 2019 5.46pm

In a few nations today,trusting people are often short-changed. Thus, u see people rising up in protest.The common man on the street just wants peace, food on his family table, dignity, freedom to follow the law n live the law.He EXPECTS that fully from the guys he puts into power, with his VOTE.Isn’t this RIGHT n simple, common principle?The broad, all-encompassing outlook, especially with the diversities around us so clearly apparent,even for an ‘uneducated’ person, being a Human Being,n more so for the schooled,is paramount. Parents n education get working fast, on the simple ethics of life, Rukun Negara. Vietnam, Cambodia , Laos, previously war-torn nations, can supercede our beloved nation.We can surely learn somethings fr Singapore.

Khoo Soo Hay
Khoo Soo Hay
29 Dec 2019 9.47am

AGC, please do the needful, now you have more evidence to open up the case again.

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