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An open letter to Najib’s daughter Nooryana Najwa

The more she pens her thoughts about her aggrieved parents, the more people are cheesed off

Nooryana Najwa Najib

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By Phlip Rodrigues

Dear Nooryana Najwa

When your father Najib Razak went to jail, he entered Kajang Prison as a common criminal and not as a courageous freedom fighter.

But you still do not want to accept your father’s humiliating fall from power.

You continue to tug at the heartstrings of Malaysians with your sad portrayal of your mother Rosmah Mansor in great distress because your daddy is no more by her side.

You paint a picture of a woman who appears to be lost as she wanders aimlessly in the empty house looking for solace because she misses dearly the “voice, laughter and cheerfulness” of her imprisoned husband.

But do you think you will melt our hearts with your inside story of a mother who cries into her pillow every night over her fallen darling and mourns her own miserable condition?

No, the people are not moved by the plight of your parents.

No, the people are not buying your heart-rending depiction of a home gone dark and lonely where once it was full of joy and sunshine – fuelled no doubt by an abundance of money.

No, your story cannot win you an army of sympathisers for your papa and mama.

Every time you pen your thoughts about your father and mother, you only annoy us more. In fact, you make us all angry over your stubborn refusal to recognise that the world has crumbled around your family.

To make your sob story more touching, you tell us how your poor mother is trying to figure out how to answer her grandson whenever he asks forlornly, “Where is Grandpa?”

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How on earth is she going to explain his grandpa’s long absence from home?

She cannot tell the little boy his grandpa is very busy when Najib is now jobless.

She cannot spin a tall tale about his grandpa fighting some bad guys to right an injustice.

And she certainly will not tell the truth about a crime that his grandfather had committed for which he was justly punished.

Your mother herself will be at her wit’s end to find a way to explain her own corruption case to the little boy.

But your mother need not worry too much about what to tell her grandson.

When he grows up, he will come to know all about the terrible deeds his grandparents perpetrated which brought so much shame and infamy to the country.

Nooryana Najwa, you yourself need not be demented with worry about the state of your mother’s health. Soon, your mummy might be reunited with your daddy if all her appeals against her conviction for bribery evaporate into thin air.

If that happens, then once again laughter might fill the air as Rosmah could get to hear the cheerful voice of Najib – but this time behind prison walls.

Phlip Rodrigues is a former journalist

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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22 Aug 2023 5.14pm

Tak perlu menambsh dgn mengaibkan.Aibksn satu hari nnt akan dibuka org lain.

16 Nov 2022 1.17am

Stupid open letter. Hahaha

24 Sep 2022 4.41pm

Najib can sumpah in his cell everyday.

Azizan Muhmad Noh
Azizan Muhmad Noh
22 Sep 2022 6.15pm

Berpijak di bumi yg nyata.. Jangan bermimpi di siang hari.

21 Sep 2022 10.11am

Doctor, Doctor…. You should not insult dogs. Now you have to apologise to all dogs.

20 Sep 2022 11.34am

You don’t represent the people. Keep ur views to urself. Don’t say that all people share the same as yours. Don’t be illusional.

20 Sep 2022 9.24pm
Reply to  Rakyat

Well, he represent me at least and most of the people. You can share your view if you chose to represent the crook’s daughter

Ain J
Ain J
21 Sep 2022 4.40pm
Reply to  Equities

Represent me too. Where got views in newspaper represent everyone. Like that no point in expressing one’s thoughts.

Aldrin Loke
Aldrin Loke
19 Sep 2022 11.21pm

Great depiction of the many.

aziz awal
aziz awal
19 Sep 2022 10.41pm

ALIRAN have been a tool of Parties like esp DAP and PKR

20 Sep 2022 10.37am
Reply to  aziz awal

aziz awal:

>>”ALIRAN have been a tool of Parties like esp DAP and PKR”

Can you explain what you mean? Thanks.

19 Sep 2022 3.39pm

Daddy is a proven criminal Najwa and you know it. Yet you are desperately trying to con the crowd that he’s an innocent child. The sooner you wake up from your fantasy land the better. Mummy will soon follow daddy as a convicted criminal. Both fell in love ….with 💰..lots of it. Sense of duty crumbled and greed completely took over.
There’s always a choice in life and most of us make bad choices and that includes me (but it had nothing to do with money). We have to live with the choice we made. I won’t say he’s a nasty man….just a man who wanted to please his wife, who had an avaricious appetite for a life of lusty luxury.
We knew her when she was in campus ..even then she had an avaricious appetite.
..can I advise you SOMETHING!!

19 Sep 2022 2.32pm

This is one of the main reason that PH will never again win the heart of the malays. The case has been settle an the person is in jail. Leave it be, you are just … on your face rite now. Just stop..

19 Sep 2022 12.06pm

I wonder when it will sink in to that poor girl Najib and Rosmah have for a daughter. It is already a great embarrassment they have a delusional son who compared his criminal dad to a hero the world remembers with fondness and gratitude.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rafee
James Jaafar
James Jaafar
18 Sep 2022 4.11pm

Keep your views to yourself.

You are just rambling on without real knowledge.

Typical of a Main Stream Media ex-journalist.

18 Sep 2022 9.16pm
Reply to  James Jaafar

You’re reading a publication that invites comment and you want writers to keep their views to themselves?

Methinks you’re not too clear on the concept.

Ashok Chhabra
18 Sep 2022 2.43pm

No sympathy for anyone who uses Bangsa and Agama to indulgr jn criminal Activies. Najib and Rosmah have lived luxurious livies beyond their means of earning. Najib is still arrogant and has not shown any shsme or remose for hiCrimes. He even goes around saying APA MALU BOSSKU. If the Boss of the Country is a shamless, dishonest and irresponsible Crook then can U dxprct the Govt. Sreventa to bd credible, honest and responsible people…we don’t think so. That is why corruption is very rampant in Malaysia. Malaysia is called a Corrupt and Keptocrat Country becos of Najib and his 1 MDB Internationl Money Scandal.

26 Sep 2022 5.28pm
Reply to  Ashok Chhabra

Absolutely true nobody can deny it, well written

18 Sep 2022 2.28pm

Nicely penned down.

Sulaiman Abdullah
Sulaiman Abdullah
18 Sep 2022 12.41pm

Cheap and uncalled for comment.Better to just mind your business certainly there are lots of better things to do or write about.


18 Sep 2022 9.20pm

Instead of all this negativity, perhaps you should provide your list of “better things to do or write about.” I wait.

S Guy
S Guy
21 Sep 2022 1.30pm
Reply to  KSK

their supporter can’t due to the mindset.

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