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Anwar has waited long enough

Anwar faces a daunting challenge

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If Anwar is allowed to take over as prime minister, the people can assess his performance in the next general election, writes JD Lovrenciear.  

The word sweeping across town is that Dr Mahathir Mohamad cannot act unilaterally under cover of the palace or any legislation. 

Arguments postulated in defence of Mahathir’s media address on 26 February failed to take into account that reality is the only truth that must prevail.

Many have waited ages for Anwar to be their prime minister. Despite his two prison terms, support for him has only swelled. Only credible leaders can weather such painfully lengthy prison terms and attacks.

The writing is clearly carved on the socio-political landscape of this nation, which has lived off divisive politicking for too long. Today, the perception among many is that Anwar stands with the people.

Since his early days with the Malaysian Muslim Youth Movement (Abim), through his finance ministry portfolio and later as deputy prime minister, this man battled all along without quitting. He has been consistent. His forced imprisonment was a time for the people, including Anwar, to reflect deeply.

Only truth can prevail over time. Today, we cannot hide the fact that it was Anwar – the name, the personality and the struggles – that provided the crucial impetus to break the Barisan Nasional’s six-decade-long stranglehold.

True, Mahathir’s coming on the scene with his Bersatu camp did count because the people knew they needed him to boot out the corrupt elitists. But the bottom-line is, many also wanted Anwar to lead them.

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Hence, if for any reason, Anwar is now not given the mantle to lead the nation into the next general election, how much more punishment will the country have to endure?  

Let the people’s mandate not be trampled on any further by talk of “I (or we) know best what is good for the people”. No one person can state that he alone can pick and choose who he wants to serve the people. It cannot be – because ours is a constitutional monarchy where parliamentary democracy is the anchor.

It is time Malaysia moved with the times. Only crooked politicians who have been enjoying the spoils of exploitation, deceit and corrupt lifestyles – using religion and race as baits – are putting up road blocks for this nation.

Anwar is an open book. The people know him too well. The palace has given him an unconditional pardon.

If Anwar is allowed to take over as prime minister, the people can assess his performance in the next general election. 

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