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Anwar must establish his legitimacy through a vote of confidence!

After this support is established, Anwar's position will not only be legitimised, it will be strengthened beyond question

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In a move to convince Perikatan Nasional, Anwar Ibrahim, the Prime Minister, announced that when Parliament convenes on 19 December, the first item would be to seek a vote of confidence to prove he enjoys support and legitimacy.

It is the correct move. It is applauded by all Malaysians who respect the style and substance of parliamentary democracy.

At the moment, the majority that Anwar supposedly enjoys, as stated by him, is just a claim – it has not been established as a fact. There are doubters, especially PN and its supporters, who think Anwar’s majority is an empty boast. The PN chairperson claimed to have the support of 115 MPs. If true, that leaves 107 MPs for Anwar! Not even a simple majority.

Anwar’s claim of reaching a two-thirds majority may sound hollow to PN, especially because the parties from Sabah and Sarawak, after dithering at first and leaning towards PN, later under pressure, decided to join the unity government when it was formed without them.

This is why the MPs from these states need to openly show their support in a formal vote of confidence. That would be binding and put a stop to the quibbling about numbers.

After this support is established, Anwar’s position will not only be legitimised, it will be strengthened beyond question, and he will be free to do whatever is necessary to rescue this nation from the throes of the economic doldrums, from the ravages of poverty, from the dangers of disunity and from the threatened break-up of the nation.

It is not unknown for some past leaders to habitually claim they have been misquoted by the media when their statements subsequently draw adverse comments. So, let us just straighten the record to pre-empt opposition politicians from later claiming they have been misquoted when it is convenient to their cause.

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We are confident that Anwar will serve the nation with verve, dedication and devotion for the good of the country – something that was woefully lacking in some of the past leaders.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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George teh
George teh
4 Dec 2022 4.26am

I wish our new government will let all the corrupted go free IF they are willing to return all or most of the ill-gotten or stolen money. so our government can utilize these money for progress our beloved country. (my own opinion only )

Chew Lee Seng
29 Nov 2022 10.39am

I suggest he consolidate his position by removing the current heads of [a few key institutions] as they are corrupters. Also implement the death penalty for corruption if he is truly serious about keeping the country corruption free. The 1st being to prevent another shereton move as many devils could be plotting. Immediately prevent large movement of money n politicians from running from the county. Start detention of previous known corrupter politicians using ISA , confiscation of their money n properties to show the pubic what he’s capable of doing to repay the country ‘s huge debt. This instead of robbing the people using gst n sst as was done by the previous governments. Try to get money back money that was stolen and deposited,

28 Nov 2022 5.33am

Slm Msia. To prevent any possible political dislocations when a vote of majority support for anuar is called for, as self-serving politicians can change their minds if their selfish demands are not met, the KING n the RULERS TODAY need to be more assertive. Pls do all that is constitutionally RIGHT to ensure anuar, as he has got the peoples’ mandate as such, n his very likely capable team to govern our nation. For inclusiveness, prosperity, zero corruption, n stability, going FORWARD.

Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh
27 Nov 2022 8.42pm

Wise decision by DSAI as it will confirm his support is genuine and dispel all doubts about his appointment as PM not due to just because all supporters complying with advise of YDPA.
Bless all

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