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Attempt on Siti Kasim’s life – most foul and despicable!

We are relieved a tragedy had been averted – it must be by divine intervention!


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Many are genuinely shocked to learn that there was a deliberate attempt on the life of outspoken lawyer-activist Siti Kasim. It so happened that her car was due for service; if not for that, the bomb implanted in the undercarriage of her car would not have been discovered.

Siti had planned to drive to Kota Bharu to attend a court case involving the Orang Asli. Just imagine what would have been her fate if the device had not been discovered! The device under the car would have exploded anytime, anywhere along the road, killing Siti, probably instantaneously.

Had that occurred, Malaysia would have been that much poorer.

Siti has always been an outspoken public interest litigation lawyer, fearlessly challenging what is wrong in society and forever championing what is right and just. That cannot be perceived as a threat to any well-meaning Malaysian.

We are relieved a tragedy had been averted – it must be by divine intervention! There is no other explanation.

Knowing Siti as she is, I remain confident that it will not affect her determination to continue with the good fight. This will not dampen her spirit nor discourage her will to stand up for the downtrodden.

She is someone motivated by this saying: “Never stop being a good person because of bad people.”

To those involved in planting that device under her car carriage, watch out for karma. It bites when cowardly people such as you guys or girls least expect.

It will be reassuring and comforting to Malaysians if the Royal Malaysian Police promptly initiate investigations into this threat to the life and limb of an activist whose activities have so far served the interest of our nation.

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23 Jul 2023 4.26pm

Thank the Almighty, Siti Kassim is safe. A Towering Malaysian and a devout Patriot she always champions the Rights of all citizens, and ever ready to help the downtrodden brethrens from Orang Asli . May Allah bless her and her services for the people.

Stephen Tan Ban Cheng
Stephen Tan Ban Cheng
22 Jul 2023 5.38pm

South of the border, two Singapore MPs – one each from the ruling and
opposition parties – have smashed the prospects of two lady politicians,
one already an MP – instead of encouraging and nurturing their aspirations.

Like cold snow, they have blighted the roses. All this might have occurred
because both male MPs could not control their turgid organs; hence, their
sexual misadventures.

In Malaysia’s case, we now have people, not just males until confirmed by
evidence, who are out to consign a female activist-lawyer to Kingdom come,
most likely because of her record of fighting for the right and the just.

Pray tell us, what kind of socio-political culture are we instilling in Malaysia?

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