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Audacious power-grab reveals shameless desperados

How should MPs behave in Parliament?

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The one incontestable point is that Parliament had so many members without the moral spine required to serve the people, writes Dominic Damian.

Parliament does not provide a safe haven or solace for the people. When the soul is subject to the slavery of selfish agendas, conscience is the first victim to perish. When principles, values and morality are twisted and manipulated to personal dictates, one wins nothing.

We must never be so gullible as to be fooled. There are various combinations of crooks, tailored with finesse and seemingly ‘respectable’. They use legitimate and legalised means to steal billions from the people – through manipulation in the award of contracts or the creation of unnecessary mega-projects.

Crude and crass, several of them are daylight robbers, whose thievery is so recognisable. Sometimes, they are caught their hands in the cookie jar.

The egoistic thieves of entitlement. The insatiable appetite for opulence to satisfy all manner of  cravings and desires. If there is a fur coat that only five people in the world could afford, they would want it.

The religious, with sanctimonious piety, will extoll their virtues while driving in a Mercedes Benz on a dusty potholed kampong road. With their powerful religious credentials and scriptural conviction, they convince others of their religious superiority.

Then there are those with their unshakeable belief in racial superiority who are still entrenched with our system. These are the entitlement freaks. 

Now with this motley crew in Parliament and some decent men and women thrown on board, we have a volatile, combustible crew on board a ship. Does this come as a shock or surprise? The cracks and creaks allow for any plotter with minimum intelligence to plan disarray and mayhem.

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The current power grab did not need complexity. Individuals with glaring weakness who needed protection and those with vested and twisted moralities were not difficult to find. Parliament, as it stands now, is a very ’ compromise-able’ institution.

When the government of the day:

  • could not fulfil more than quite a few of their manifestos
  • could not solve abductions
  • could not return a child to a mother
  • resorted to draconian security laws to detain people based on questionable allegations
  • was not transparent with mega-projects that affected the environment

When Parliament is not beholden or aligned to the wishes of the people, it opens itself to shenanigans and charlatans.  

This is when it is perceived as immoral, clueless and spineless. It allows for the worst of the worst to breach the system. There was no impregnability and invincibility; the ‘guards’ in the fortress were wary of each other; the ramparts had different alignments.

None of the philosophies belonged to their employers, ie the people. Each leader lorded it over his or her little enclaves. In their own theatre of dreams, they played little dramas while they sniggered at the trauma of those whom they regarded as little more than peasants.          

The treachery came when the people were perceived to be voiceless. Elected representatives should respect the mandate of the voters and the reasons they were voted in.  When there is an impoverishment of principles and impermanence of values, corruption thrives.

Corruption is not just financial or economical. It is moral, religious, racial and other negative components – each interlinked and intertwined. When we only see it as one aspect and exclude others, corruption is alive. This has allowed clumsy traitors to foolishly try something of this magnitude. These low-life morons must have had a mastermind behind them to execute their wishes.

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The diabolical plot by these idiots – sanctioned and supported by some desperate kleptocrats must have been meticulously planned with a high degree of precision, perhaps over cups of teh tarik.

These fools have earned the wrath and derision of many Malaysians. They cannot extract themselves from their stupidity. These desperados tried something breathtakingly beyond anything we have ever witnessed. One thing is sure: this is not material for a Hollywood blockbuster or an intriguing whodunnit novel. Instead, it will rebound as pie in the face of the despicable failures.

The one incontestable point is that Parliament had so many members without the moral spine required to serve the people. Without personal integrity, they exposed themselves. This missing integrity provided the back door for a horde of defectors to attempt a power-grab. Such manipulations show the calibre and quality of these members.

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