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Auditor general’s report: Will anyone be held accountable? 

It is time to sack all those responsible for these failures


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The multi-million ringgit waste and loss of public money highlighted in the auditor general’s report is disappointing.  

We have reached a stage where each year we hear the same old story: that of mounting waste and losses by many of those tasked with the responsibility of adhering to standard operating procedures in the management of the country’s wealth. 

Each year, we have taken the auditor general’s report for granted. And we hear the same old responses: “we will investigate” or “we are looking into it”. 

The people can do nothing but laugh out loud – without much hope of seeing any serious action taken on any of these reports. 

The millions, even billions, of ringgit in losses would certainly have gone a long way in easing the people’s hardships. It could have fed, clothed and provided shelter for the growing number of homeless people. 

Why do we have to live with such a poor sense of accountability? Why do we allow such failures to recur, year in and year out? 

Will the new government be able to eradicate this disgrace for good? Will it fare better than the previous government?

Do we dare hope that department heads with the responsibility of ensuring that allocations are spent in line with set procedure will be held accountable, as is the practice in the private sector?

Will they be punished if they are found to have been negligent in managing public funds?

The auditor general’s report is a benchmark of the actual efficiency of the civil service. When billions of ringgit is missing or wasted, then it can only mean that the civil service is a failure. 

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Whilst ordinary people are always expected to live up to their civil responsibilities, the auditor general’s reports reveal to us the absolute irresponsibility of many segments of government. 

It is time to sack all those responsible for these failures. 

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Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh
22 Feb 2023 1.50pm

On going worldwide culture of Financial Mismanagement Fraud Corruption Collusion Cronyism Embezzlement Bribery Kickbacks Nepotism since mid 1980s by some in Positions of Power Elites Professionals and all for Greed where some suspected investigated lesser charged/departmentally nominal punished even lesser convicted and rare cases where sentences served while on perceived nominal amounts bails and remain free for years and enjoying fruits of their actions with some at taxpayers expense. Some titled YBs or influential or rich.
Little hope of positive changes.

Auditors just cosmetics value!!

Bless all

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