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Budget 2018 needs national will to succeed

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The efforts to make a budget bear fruit demands everyone’s determination to clean up our nation, writes JD Lovernciear.

You cannot fault Pakatan Harapan’s first, historic national Budget tabled in Parliament on 2 November.

Despite the nation’s monumental debts piled high owing to greed, self interest, rent-seeking and unabated corruption, it is clear that PH is determined to prove its enemies wrong. If we want our new government to keep succeeding, we need an A+ improvement in our work attitudes and moral values.

To begin with, the allocations to beef up the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is not enough in itself to combat corruption, which has permeated all levels of the rank and file and infiltrated both private and public sectors.

We need an aggressive will to ‘just do it’. The police must go for good leadership. The countdown must begin immediately to sieve the entire force and make it a true badge of honour. Likewise for the immigration and all other enforcement agencies including city, town and municipal councils.

If corporations and respected businesses the world over can ensure that employees are clean and clear of frauds and cheats, the public sector of law-keepers cannot be an exception. It cannot be impossible to clean it up either.

Next, the oversized civil service need not be downsized. Instead get the whip cracking so that productivity doubles up so that quality, efficiency and efficacy of service delivery can be improved. Learn from the private sector. There should be no free meals and free rides.

If the whip is cracked in the first quarter of 2019, the Budget will see positive results. With the substantial allocations for education, there is no room for tolerating inefficiency and complaining. Instead, come down hard on non-performing or under-performing teachers, principals and faculty.

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The efforts to make a budget bear fruit demands everyone’s determination to clean up our nation. Pursuing an A+ in attitude and moral values is the essence. Emphasising religious forms instead of spiritual substance is a recipe for failure as we have witnessed these past six decades.

Time is running out for those who keep hoping for handouts, easy money, lazy jobs, profiteering loopholes and easy wealth at the expense of nationhood.

Are we ready?

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Dr. SNaidu
Dr. SNaidu
7 Nov 2018 1.26pm

A concerted and integrated approach with all concerned parties and Malaysian citizens, can gradualistically and constructively be started to ‘educate’ Malaysians and our young generation as to the significances of the tenets and values of the nation’s Rukun Negara. The ways to practise the above in one’s daily life need to be clearly laid out based on the existing, fairly healthy common interactional practices and further, making adjustments and improvements to them, but always bearing in mind the guiding consociational principles of the Federal Constitution, which have been painstakingly thought out from the independence era to this day generally, of the balances for a multi-ethnic Malaysia.

5 Nov 2018 10.21am

Success is in the pipe but it all depends on Civil servants mentality, attitude and handwork to safeguard Malaysia. Corruption and laziness is failure of this nation.

mohd azhar abdullah
4 Nov 2018 11.33am

The education ministry had been given the biggest junk of the budget.It means the quality of its manpower and the output should be equated to the amount disbursed.Teachers, lecturers and administrators should know by now that we had changed the government and we want new products at every level.The nation hopes that this new government will do away with old thinking and start everything new based on the simple principle that hard work pays and a little sacrifice will help everybody to push the nation to a new level that will earn the respect for themselves and the new leaders.

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