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Can a holy man lie? Apparently Hadi can!


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Both Hadi and other Pas leaders have kept mum about the authenticity of the Pas president’s alleged letter to Muslim world leaders. P Ramakrishnan dissects the letter.

Pas president Hadi Awang allegedly wrote a letter in Arabic to Muslim world leaders. This news broke on 4 April.

So far neither Hadi nor his party have refuted the existence of such a letter. Neither have they denied the contents of the letter – which has been quoted and condemned – despite attempts to confirm its authenticity. Both he and other Pas leaders have chosen to keep mum.

If there was no truth to the letter, the only decent thing to do would be to come out with guns blazing against this umbrage. It should have been immediate. Silence is not an option when you are roasted!

If Hadi’s letter had been sent out to Islamic world leaders, how could he deny that he wrote it? What would these Islamic leaders think of him?

Hadi is caught in a bind of his own making! He cannot deny or refute all the allegations made against you.

This being the case, Malaysians cannot be faulted for thinking that this letter exists. They would be justified to accept that the quoted contents of the letter are authentic.

Amanah communications director Khalid Samad has blasted Hadi, claiming that his letter “was full of allegations and accusations that are baseless, fake, misleading and defamatory in nature”.

These are strong words… no punches pulled. Yet, Hadi is maintaining a stoic silence. It is odd behaviour.

Khalid doesn’t stop at that. He continues: “It is clear that Hadi through the letter tried to give a false impression on the political situation in Malaysia.”

This is tantamount to saying that Hadi is not being honest and that he fabricated the situation unrealistically. Some might even conclude that he lied. Yet, and strangely, he has not responded!

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Another Amanah leader, former deputy minister Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah Raja Ahmad, also questioned Hadi’s purported claim in the letter that Pakatan Harapan was working in cahoots with the US and European countries to bring down Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

What nonsense is Hadi talking about? He did not adduce a shred of evidence to show that PH was colluding with the US and Europe to bring down Mahathir. Who are the actors in this diabolical plot to bring down Mahathir? This is nothing but a blatant lie. Yet, it seems, Hadi has been struck dumb and is unable to defend himself!

Hadi supposedly said in the letter that “Harapan’s victory in 2018 had sided with the non-Muslim majority (sic) and that Mahathir had been used to topple former premier Najib Abdul Razak.”

This is yet another outrageous lie. Mahathir was never “used” by anyone for whatever purpose. He was an effective spokesperson for PH during the campaign that won over the sentiments of the voters who turned against Barisan Nasional.

How could PH side with the non-Muslim majority (sic) to achieve victory? In its election campaign, it courted every citizen’s support to defeat the corrupt BN. And during this campaign, Mahathir was in the forefront – condemning the BN’s excesses, denouncing corrupt Umno leaders and promising an end to the dark days of BN misrule. Mahathir was not used – he was very much part of the effort to topple Najib’s corrupt regime!

Hadi must be blind to this fact in claiming, “They (PH) had used him as a stepping stone to achieve power through treachery without taking into consideration the composition of the Muslim majority which had exceeded 69% compared to the minority races…”

How could PH “achieve power through treachery”? It was a democratic election, with the electorate actively participating. It was the voters of Malaysia who defeated an incumbent government through fair means, in open elections. It was not a mere defeat, it was a massive trouncing that shocked and shook the BN!

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Where is the treachery, Hadi? The treachery was when you colluded with alleged thieves and robbers to steal a legitimate government through the back door!

There is no end to Hadi’s absurdity. In his letter, he alluded to “opportunities for foreign powers who were anti-Islam to meddle in the country” as what had “supposedly happened in other Arab countries”.

Really, Hadi? What opportunities were you referring to and which foreign powers “meddled in the country”? How could you be so blatant in your unsubstantiated claims? Is there no respect for the truth?

All these are concocted lies compounded by such lies without any regard to the truth in order to paint PH as “an enemy of Islam and a threat to the religion”.

If Hadi’s strategy was to denounce PH falsely to win over support from the Muslim leaders for Perikatan Nasional, it is bound to fail miserably.

So far, none of the Islamic leaders have sent congratulatory messages to Muhyiddin Yassin pledging to cooperate and work with his government. They know what happened; they know the crooks who engineered the backdoor takeover of this government.

As for your purported claim that “there was an internal conspiracy in Harapan to topple Mahathir as prime minister so that those who are anti-Islam can get into power”, it is as ridiculous as it can get.

The PH component parties are PKR, the DAP, Amanah and Bersatu. None from the DAP and Amanah played the role of villain.

The cunning and conniving traitors – apparently led by Azmin Ali and Zuraidah Kamaruddin (to a certain extent), the only two from PKR – were the ‘devils’ who allegedly planned and plotted to undermine Mahathir and seize the duly elected government through the back door.

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Your party Pas and Umno were part of this nefarious plot in subverting a democratically elected government.

As for your claim that “those who are anti-Islam” were trying to “get into power”, Malaysians would want to know who these anti-Islam elements in PKR, the DAP and Amanah were. Didn’t Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng go begging to Mahathir to stay on as Prime Minister when he resigned? How could you, a man of God, clothed in your flowing white robes, make a dastardly claim that was nothing but a deliberate lie?

Hadi’s letter further states: “Pas had rejected working with Anwar Ibrahim’s faction because we were not confident of his personal character and his faith as well as his dangerous political pragmatism.”

This is nothing but pure character assassination. You are not “confident of (Anwar’s) character and his faith”, but it doesn’t disturb your conscience and faith in allegedly working with the thieves and robbers who plundered the country and who are now facing – thanks to the PH government – corruption charges in courts. How strange!

And what is your objection to Anwar’s “political pragmatism”? The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines pragmatism as “thinking about solving problems in a practical way rather than by having fixed ideas and theories”.

Are you against solving problems in a practical way or would you rather stick to your archaic fixed ideas and theories, forgetting that this is a plural country and that the interest of everyone counts and must be taken into consideration?

We are reminded of this saying: Your religion is what you do when the sermon is over.

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Oon Eng Hock
Oon Eng Hock
12 Apr 2020 5.20pm

Tun Dr Mahathir rode the tiger to power by teaming up with old adversaries. After that, the tiger eats you up or you slay the tiger first. To remain king of the hill, my thinking is, in order of priority, he would:

1. Prevent Anwar from becoming Prime Minister.
2. Damage the DAP, or tame them to be his acolytes.
3. Split UMNO further so that it stays down and out.
4. Neutralise PAS.

Set against the above points, what is in the letter to Arabia makes a lot of sense.

Oon Eng Hock
Oon Eng Hock
12 Apr 2020 10.59am

Tun Dr Mahathir rode the tiger to power by teaming up with old adversaries. After that, the tiger eats you up or you slay the tiger first. To remain king of the hill, my thinking is, in order of priority, he would:

1. Prevent Anwar from becoming Prime Minister.
2. Damage the DAP, or tame them to be his acolytes.
3. Split UMNO further so that it stays down and out.
4. Neutralise PAS.

Set against the above points, what is in the letter to Arabia makes a lot of sense.

Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh
12 Apr 2020 10.33am

Can a holy man lie? Apparently Hadi can!

Oon Eng Hock
Oon Eng Hock
10 Apr 2020 10.22pm

The only reason I can think of as to why PAS is keeping quiet is because the letter reveals much of what has been really happening below the surface among the key political players in the game of ensuring political power remains in the hands of the Malay-Muslims, after the setback suffered by BN in May 2018. Why would a seasoned political party debunk a document doing the rounds when it knows that it is the truth, no matter if PAS or whoever else is responsible for issuing it?

8 Apr 2020 3.14pm

Frankly speaking, Hadi is just another politician but errie and disgusting part of him is the use of religion and race as a tool to express a bigotted view of justive and fairplay. He has been using race and religion to detain the Malay Muslim in the dungeon of primitive mentality that can’t see beyond to the greener side of life as humanbeing. He and his cohorts are thinking and working relentlessly towards (marginalising) the Non-Muslim but they are actually destroying the Malay Muslims progressive mindset that sooner or later lead to greater antagonism among the Malay themselves…

Khun Pana
Khun Pana
8 Apr 2020 2.53am

Hadi is a full time politician and head of a political party.
We all know that they are full with … as well as full with drama.

7 Apr 2020 10.31am

Hadi, a “man of God” – what rubbish!

It is more that Hadi is evil personified

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