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Compulsory use of MySejahtera app smacks of absolute control

Let us have a more compassionate approach


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The National Security Council minister announced yesterday that with immediate effect everyone must use the MySejahtera app to gain entry to shops, malls, business premises and offices or when using public transport.

It seems that manual recording in log books will not be allowed any more. Only where there is no high-speed internet would there be an exemption from using the app.

The reason for the new ruling is that many are not recording legibly in the log books provided, making contact tracing difficult.

People cannot be faulted for their severe and sometimes unfair criticisms of the authorities for decisions taken. This MySejahtera compulsion is one such case.

If people are not recording legibly, have we considered the following three perspectives?

One, many cannot write legibly. As a former teacher, lecturer and trainer, I can vouch that students cannot write legibly. Even executives have this problem, what more retirees and the elderly.

Two, at every post where the MySejahtera scanner is available, a security personnel or staff member is usually on duty. Surely they could ensure that entries are done properly.

Three, in this age of computers, what is so difficult to put a keyboard for people to punch in the information (name and telephone number).

While it makes sense to get people to use MySejahtera, it definitely cannot be forced upon everyone as the only mode allowed.

Many people, even in urban areas, do not have pre-paid or post-paid internet plans in their phones. And some do not even carry their phones with them or may have left them behind absent mindedly.

Let us have a more compassionate approach. Where is the freedom to use or not use any app?

It is the duty of the government and premise operators to cater for options.

The Covid movement controls and standard procedures are socially suffocating. The emergency is haunting. The 10km restriction is dreadful. Please do not make life more difficult for the people by taking away reasonable options.

Some might even speculate if there is a hidden agenda behind this compulsion to use the MySejahtera app. And that is not healthy for the government either.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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JD Lovrenciear, an Aliran member, is a KL-based writer, trainer and consultant who also offers his time to support initiatives to build a progressive society. He is also a vice-president of Patriot, the National Patriots Association
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IT. Scheiss
IT. Scheiss
11 Feb 2021 6.54pm

Make the MySejahtera app the exclusive app to use OK but making everyone use it is impractical since there are some people who do not have smartphones, some who have may not be savvy enough to use apps on it and some owners of smartphones may not have sufficient mobile data quota to use it.

Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh
11 Feb 2021 6.04pm

What about those who do not have smartphone due to not being smart enough due to age or unaffordability?

Last edited 2 years ago by Gursharan Singh
loyal malaysian
loyal malaysian
11 Feb 2021 6.14am

So it has come to pass – yes, from day 1, I had speculated the govt. will make the MySejahtera app compulsory to use.
They are doing so so now, because they can.
Do we want to risk the fine for not using it, granted all these stories of pen-happy enforcement officers dying to issue summonses?
Like you, JD , I detest and protest the move to make MySejahtera app compulsory to sue.
But do I have any other option?

Dr Gerard Jayamohan
Dr Gerard Jayamohan
11 Feb 2021 12.49am

Yes, agreed.
We are fast approaching a one world Fascist dictatorship by the W.H.O, W.E.F which are dominated by large corporations like Big Pharma and people who have invested large amounts of money into them such as Bill Gates and his Eugenicist leanings.

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