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Crying for my nation

The election losers are now ruling the nation - Photograph: Bernama/Malay Mail

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Acts of shame continue amid a national crisis that keeps growing, JD Lovrenciear laments.

Enough is enough. Please stop disgracing my beloved nation.

As if past events were not enough, amid a global pandemic, from which does not spare my nation and its people, we continue to see disgraceful acts.

The health minister drew shocked reactions around the world over his suggestion of a warm-water cure for the ravaging coronavirus.

If that was not insulting to every Malaysian, he went on record over social media, before the Umno president, claiming he had reached out to “500 nations” to showcase Malaysia’s success story in the fight against the coronavirus.

And the Umno president proclaimed “tahniah” (congratulations) instead of immediately correcting the controversy-courting minister.

Why must my beloved nation and its people be tested time and time again like this?

Was the saga of the Birkin bags and the cache of glittering diamonds and jewellery not enough?

Was the unsolved murder of the Mongolian citizen not enough?

Were the mind-blowing court cases of alleged corruption and amassing of wealth in the courts not enough?

Was the 1MDB saga, permanently etched in the history books of the world, not enough to bring so much shame to my nation?

Was the backdoor government, led by Muhyiddin Yassin and other plotters, that undermined our proud democracy not enough?

Why must my beloved nation continue to suffer from the endless charades of these politicians?

Today, amid this pandemic – which is taking so many lives, stalling economies, threatening food supply shortages and placing untold pressures on healthcare systems –  my beloved country continues to be shamed. This despite the tremendous effort from frontline staff and civil society volunteers who are steadfastly serving the nation and its people.

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Today, we continue to witness the shameless acts of the backdoor government, which puts political mileage ahead of my beloved nation’s integrity, honour and dignity. Amid this global pandemic, we see people with shameless agendas – from consolidation of power to dubious appointments to the cabinet – punishing my beloved nation mercilessly.o

Even as we stepped out to fight corruption and achieved a historic victory in the 2018 general election, we suffered shocking shame in February 2020.

Where and when and how will all this end? I turn to God Almighty in silent prayer.

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