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Defeat the Budget – This is not a budget for all Malaysians!

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P Ramakrishnan says this Budget has marginalised minority groups who have also played a major role in the nation’s development.

Budget 2021 is not for ALL Malaysians. It is not even for all the poor, the deserving and the downtrodden Malaysians. Shouldn’t they be the main recipients of government support?

Regrettably, it is outrageously sectarian and discriminatory. A discriminatory budget is a disgrace to our sense of justice and fairness.

Why doesn’t this Budget reflect the values of Islam which emphasise justice and fairness? It is a pity that what we see in the Budget is nothing but hypocrisy at its height even though it is couched as a caring budget for all.

It is not an egalitarian budget. It is a monolithic budget primarily catering for one section of a community, the benefits going only to the rich and powerful – not to the rural poor whose name is exploited by powerful politicians to grab the lion’s share of the nation’s wealth.

The huge allocations in the Budget running into billions will not reach the poor Malays though they were intended for them; the elite will siphon off much of it. More than 46 years of seemingly active and aggressive effort and endeavour since 1974 to lift the poor, rural Malays had failed miserably, simply because much of the aid didn’t reach them but went into the pockets of greedy politicians. This so-called approach to uplift the poor Malays has failed miserably and only created hundreds of Malay millionaires who are politicians.

Isn’t it time to help all the neglected poor, irrespective of race?

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This Budget is insensitive and lacking in foresight for the nation. It does not recognise that poverty knows no barriers, and it is the duty of the government to pull out the desperate poor from the pits of poverty.

Under the Constitution, there cannot be this discrimination of Malaysians. First and foremost, aren’t we human beings, irrespective of our colour and creed?

Without meaning to be racial, let’s look at facts objectively.

The Malays are allocated RM11.1bn for “bumiputera development”, compared to RM100m for the Indian community’s socioeconomic development.

It is an insult to the Indian community that has contributed to the growth and development of our country through sweat and tears, slogging in the rubber estates under stressful conditions, paving the roads and laying the railway tracks under the blistering sun, serving in the civil service as the backbone of an institution that has served us well.

It is unthinkable that a political propaganda machinery (Jasa) should receive almost as much as that allocated to the Indian community; it is a disgrace to our sense of justice. Jasa, the Special Affairs Department, receives RM85.5 million compared to the RM100m given to the Indians. This works out to 86% of what the entire Indian community in the country receives. The government is overgenerous to an agency that is noted for its lies and fake news in the past!

We already have a ministry of communications and state-run television and radio to disseminate government policies. Why do we need another agency for the same purpose?

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There are about two million Indians in the country. The RM100m allocation for the Indian community works out to RM50 per person per year, or RM4 per month or a miserable 14 sen per day!

The estimated 7.4 million Chinese are treated no better. They are provided RM177m. A simple calculation reveals the miserly sum the Chinese are entitled to under the Budget: RM24 per person per year; RM2 per month or 7 sen per day!

The hardworking Chinese have contributed tremendously to the progress, growth and development of Malaysia. Living in hovels initially, which gradually grew to hamlets, they were later relocated to New Villages. From nothing, they progressed slowly.

By sheer endeavour, they rose to become a settled community by farming, mining and working in the construction industry. They lifted themselves out of poverty all on their own and paid 90% of the taxes, which helped the country to provide services to the people.

For their remarkable contribution, what is allocated to the Chinese community is a gross injustice.

A third group of people – the most exploited in their country of origin – are the Orang Asli, the most dispossessed and deprived of all citizens of Malaysia. They do not receive what they are entitled to as the original people of Malaya. It is to our utter shame that they continue to be exploited, neglected and marginalised.

Lives and livelihoods matter, but that didn’t seem to matter to the prime minister whose declared stand is, “I’m a Malay first…” Is it any wonder if the Budget is so lopsided, discriminatory and prone to the Malays?

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We are heartened by the principled stand taken by Shafie Apdal. Shafie, the bravest and most honest Malay politician at this crucial moment, has spoken from the heart, with all sincerity, what no other Malay politician from both sides of the divide has dared to speak.

He declared, “We must ensure that the Budget will be used for nation-building. Not for building a race. Not for building a religion. This is the way forward for the country,”

We hope there will be other MPs of character and courage who will be as forthright in this matter. We pray they will vote with their conscience and defeat this undemocratic Budget because it is not a budget for all Malaysians. This Budget doesn’t deserve the support of caring and conscious MPs. It must be defeated!

Remember, “The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men.”

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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Hakimi Abdul Jabar
26 Nov 2020 1.15pm

Read a paper published by 2 Japanese in 2018.

According to the rank-size rule, the dependency on the extent of mainland ASEAN-China regional economic integration and how urban agglomeration unfolds in mainland Southeast Asia, for the KL-SG HSR to be as profitable as the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central), as a benchmark, Kuala Lumpur will need to be a MEGACITY with a population of 20 million.

The United Nations has already predicted that the population density of Singapore will be as high as that of JR Central but that of Kuala Lumpur will only be half as high by 2030.

Hakimi Abdul Jabar
25 Nov 2020 9.59am

Not a Democratic Budget!

We should ask Highly-Eminent Fund Managers & Capital Markets & Securities Analysts such as Ray Dalio, Michael Price, PTJ, David Shaw, Jim Simons & Bill Lipschutz who are Pro-Democratization of Wealth, about this Budget!

Allen Yap
Allen Yap
24 Nov 2020 9.46am

This budget is purely for self gratification of the various Ministries.

24 Nov 2020 2.22am

The PM, the Finance Minister, the Finance KSU & all TKSUs & the entire Finance Ministry are nothing but a bunch of racist!!! None of them are following the teachings of Islam. Shame on them.

None of them are fit to be there. None had the … to stop the finance minister from doing the injustices that he is doing. All their gaji is haram & tidak dihalalkan!!

Anyone who commits injustice & cheats shall fall into the pit of hell.

23 Nov 2020 4.18pm

This budget is so unfair that no responsible member of Parliament should present themselves for the vote. I can stomach even it longer if my bumiputra brothers and sisters will actually benefit fully… Even the DIRECT payments might not reach them…. Too many loopholes, and the schemers will scheme to take away most by outlandish programmes and projects.The “delivery” machine will eat the most.

Grace Chew
Grace Chew
23 Nov 2020 9.52am

whole bunch of shameless PM and his ministers; never in the country’s history has there been a budget that is so ethnocentric towards only one race. What? Are the Chinese and Indians and Orang Asli not rakyat?

22 Nov 2020 11.17pm

Thanks for your contribution.

22 Nov 2020 5.59pm

How can an unfair person qualified to be a minister?? The distribution is too unbalanced. Any right thinking person can see that…it’s totally outrageous!

Andrew Chan
Andrew Chan
22 Nov 2020 5.57pm

In this day and age, after more than half a century of nation building, we still hv myopic politicians who think, speak and act based on colour n creed to feather their own pockets and puff up their own prestige… O Malaysia, O Malaysia, whete are your true leaders O Malaysia

22 Nov 2020 3.36pm

The budget should be defeated. A new government should be formed or a fresh GE15. We are fed up with the current set of so called ‘ MINISTERS and their DEPUTIES…..USELESS bunch of moron’s looking only at their monthly 50K pay cheque……whereas the rakyat suffer to earn a living.

Only a handful should be retained in new GE…..the rest should be new faces even if they are novices…..they will gain experience…..

Current so called leaders won’t give up cos of the perks attached to them and will wait till death do them apart in office…..not even match their ministries with their education.
…..so please……WE NEED A DRASTIC CHANGE……

Politi Scheiss
25 Nov 2020 6.49pm
Reply to  AMARJIT

In principle, yes – GE15 would be the best option to reboot Malaysia’s parliament and state assemblies but given the trend in past by-elections and re-alignment of political party coalitions, pacts and alliances since GE14, we could end up with a Perikatan, BN or Muafakat Nasional government with a bigger majority than now, so be careful what you wish for, since you may not like it.

simon tan
22 Nov 2020 2.52pm

Anyone knowledgable to share
1) the breakdown of rm1.4 billion allocated to JAKIM for 2021
2) what was allocation to JAKIM for the past 5 years?

22 Nov 2020 1.43pm

First question first…..what is MCA, MIC, GERAKAN doing about it? Nothing….cos their leaders have a position in PN n MN…..just get out of the coalition and support the opposition to start afresh……

22 Nov 2020 9.57am

It is an insult to the Indian community that has contributed to the growth and development of our country through sweat and tears, slogging in the rubber estates under stressful conditions, paving the roads and laying the railway tracks ; sea ports buildings including it’s Operations initially;operating opening trading routes ; medical care and services ; education and real sensible educators to bring up our clever policy makers now …the list goes on but all forgotten….

R a nathan
22 Nov 2020 7.53am

First they maginalise the poor and needy… History creating itself from Egypt to Iran to Pakistan.

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
21 Nov 2020 8.29pm

1. We’ll see who are the politicians who vote in favour of this budget. Judge them (politicians) by what they do, not what they say.
2. Where are the hard leftist/”Marxist”, vociferous critics of the PH government these days? Vocal then, but curiously and noticeably more quiet now.

loyal malaysian
loyal malaysian
22 Nov 2020 1.24pm
Reply to  Phua Kai Lit

Yes, Phua…silence of the lambs now among the PH minus politicians?

Politi Scheiss
25 Nov 2020 7.26pm
Reply to  Phua Kai Lit

“Hard left/Marxist critics of the PH government” ?

Their “Bolshevik Revolution” ended with the defeat of Najib, UMNO and BN in GE14 with their support and now they don’t know where to put their faces, now that the PH state government of Penang is building three artificial islands which adversely impact the lifelihoods of fishermen and the PH Selangor state government proposes to degazette the North Kuala Langat Forest Reserve for “development” which will adversely impact the livelihoods of Orang Asli.

At the end of the day, PH, PN, BN, MN represent the respective interests of contending factions of Malaysia’s bourgeoisie vying for political power and the economic opportunities which come with it.

loyal malaysian
loyal malaysian
21 Nov 2020 7.37pm

Thank you and a salute to you, Rama.

I have wondered why Aliran has not taken a stronger stand against Budget 2021 before this.
Yes, better late than never.

Will there be enough MPs with a conscience to defeat budget 2021?
Whatever, the pushback against it must be made more widespread.
If despite that fact, MPs pass it, then the only conclusion can be that those MPs that voted for budget 2021 can only be heartless monsters. May they rot in hell for eternity.

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