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Despondency in Malaysia: What can we do?

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We must, each one, talk to our own circle of friends and relatives to persuade them to cast a vote for justice in the next general election, Loyal Malaysian writes.

I have just watched a video of a Malaysian exhorting the people not to give up hope, to pass the word around to family and friends and families that each vote matters.

Yes, the deceitful may have snatched power from Pakatan Harapan, to which the rakyat had given the mandate to rule the country in the 2018 general election. The backdoor government appears to be using all the instruments of state to intimidate the people, block their freedom of expression and deter dissent.

Faced with such a brutal use of force, it is easy for ordinary persons in the street to shrug and feel a sense of despondency.

What can one person do against the full might of the government machinery? Even Malaysiakini, known for its bravery in standing up against the Umnoputras earlier, has now thrown in the towel. In its readers’ comment section, its editors or moderators are resorting to ridiculous self-censoring of words and phrases they are afraid will offend the powers that be.

That is precisely what the speaker in the video warns against – we must not give up; each of us must do our part. Those of us who felt wronged by the naked power grab of the backdoor government must, each one, talk to our own circle of friends and relatives to persuade them to cast a vote for justice in the next general election.

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We do not know when the general election will be called. The backdoor government may become legitimate during the present sitting of Parliament. So be it; that is the parliamentary system our country has. PH wasted 22 months sitting on its laurels led by the nose by what some call an evil old man who did nothing to institute much-needed reforms.

Even in the general election, with the Umno-Pas team (known as Muafakat Nasional) in its ascendancy, the forces of racism and religious extremism may rule the day. So be it, if that is the voice of the majority. But we who disagree will have had our say as well through our votes!

Loyal Malaysian is the pseudonym of a regular reader of Aliran

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