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Do we have the will to solve the people’s problems?


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We can philosophise with all kinds of fierce theories, words and rationalisation, but where lies the will to remedy all the problems faced by the masses, wonders Loyal and Concerned Malaysian.

I fully agree that Malaysia needs to speed up pace of reforms.

While I am not trying to defend the current government, I would like to make the following comments to look at this issue in a balanced manner.

The new government has been in place for less than a year after 61 years of abuse and corruption.

Most of the people in the current government have little or no experiencing in governing. The Selangor government, after more than 10 years in power, is doing an excellent job. The Petaling Jaya City Council MBPJ is improving by leaps and bounds. So we need to give the federal government more time, like two years or so, before we can expect it to be more accountable.

Some of the senior officers in government are said to be sabotaging the government. How are reforms going to take place if they do not cooperate and make reforms in the way they govern? In such an environment, how are the down-line staff going to work hard and smart?

Umno and Pas and certain other people are doing everything they can to derail the government and the progress of the country, creating all sorts of havoc. In the process, they are just confusing the people, especially those who cannot or will not think rationally and logically. They seem to be opposing for the sake of opposing.

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The recent case of Hindu statues placed in a mosque is a perfect example of what ails the country. Which Hindu in his or her right mind would do such a thing?

MCA is no better and its Star newspaper often seems to be churning out discord and discontent. This is the price the government is paying for the freedom of the press. And when the press does not behave in a responsible manner, they create much confusion and perceived unhappiness.

In such a chaotic environment where many are only able to think along racial lines, how can reason and logic prevail? You tell me.

In this country because of the conditioning we have been exposed to, many of us have also become racial in our thinking, to a greater or lesser extent, whether we like it or not.

What is the solution to these growing problems and issues which are being embedded in all of us? You tell me, please, so that I can be accommodating, rational and fair-minded in my approach and thinking.

Despite all this, I think it is a great country and I continue to live in hope. My three children have all been educated locally with my hard-earned money. Never for a moment have I encouraged them to emigrate and never have I thought of emigrating. I have always been a loyal and hard-working citizen and will always continue to be.

Still, I can’t help feeling a sense of of not being treated as equal on a reasonably level playing field. I am all for helping the bottom 40% of all races in this country. But I feel that Indian Malaysians have been let down by their own leaders and the government of the past.

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Among the Malays too, many find it difficult to make ends meet. I see them in loads on motorbikes every morning along the Federal Highway in KL, husband and wife on their way to work to earn a living which is never enough for a decent life.

We can philosophise with all kinds of fierce theories, words and rationalisation, but where lies the will and remedies to all the problems faced by the masses?

Loyal and Concerned Citizen is the pseudonym of a happily retired but still active Malaysian, who spent all his working life in the corporate sector, where he always acted professionally despite the challenging realities.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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