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Don’t underestimate rising tide of youth power

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The race-and-religion labels and business-political power profiteering are being booted out by the rising tide of youth power, observes JD Lovrenciear.

Die-hard politicians, their masters and ‘serfs’ (ie those on the payroll), seem to be completely oblivious to the realities of the world today.

The second half of the 21st Century is certain to see the rise of youth power reaching new heights.

Brute force by dictators using security machinery at their beck and call; laws to clamp down on youth power; the use of the deep state or institutions – none of these will be able to quell this phenomenal rise of youth power that we are seeing across the globe today.

Malaysia cannot be a unique exception. Those in the corridors of power must realise this quickly if we want to capitalise and tap this new, rising youth powerhouse for the benefit of the people.

The ongoing disgrace at the University of Malaya is a clear example of warped leadership.

Beneath that lone student protesting runs a deep truth that is sweeping the world over. Humanity is having to cope with fast collapsing capitalism that has for long courted political cover for mutual gain.

The world is going through a correction stage and the youth are the new beacon of hope for a better world tomorrow. The sagas unfolding in Hong Kong offers a good lesson for people everywhere including Malaysia, hopefully without having to pay a heavy price.

The world out there is being re-mapped. The race-and-religion labels and business-political power profiteering are being booted out by the rising tide of youth power.

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If Pakatan Harapan wants to remain relevant, someone better tell the prime minister that there is no time and no grace period to embrace this tidal phenomenon of a youth-awakening that is sweeping across the world.

The political and business philosophies of the post-world war period are being weeded out. In fact, the fifth industrial revolution will further empower the youth, making their presence felt all over the world including Malaysia.

This too, the University of Malaya must accept with humility if it lacks learned wisdom within its corridors of power.

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