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Even Ali Baba would have gasped at this loot

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So you can imagine how many ordinary Malaysians felt in the run-up to the general election and why the BN fell with an almighty crash, writes Anil Netto.

Images of the mind-boggling loot seized by police in KL have stunned Malaysians.

The confiscated items, which included Birkin, Hermes and other luxury handbags and lots of other bags and boxes containing cash, foreign currency, jewellery and other valuables, have left many Malaysians dumbfounded. Some of these bags were so heavy that hefty men struggled to lift them.

To say it is a veritable treasure trove would be an understatement. And this is just the loot from one of six residences that have been searched. Ali Baba and his mates would have gasped and whistled in awe at the scale of the loot and the sheer audacity of the heist.

Without doubt, the flamboyant Rosmah Mansor, with her fetish for top-of-the-range handbags and gems, has the dubious distinction of making Imelda Marcos, with her miserable shoe collection, look like a pauper. As one observer noted, “Imelda kalah teruk!”

Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine, this is what Najib and Rosmah couldn’t cart away in time. What have they already taken away?

And this is just one couple.

Think of the 1MDB funds that have been squirrelled away in properties, paintings and cash in off-shore havens. All these could take a long time to recover.

Now imagine all the loot siphoned off by the rest of the cronies. Not forgetting a certain chap in Sarawak, whose family empire is worth billions. Then, there’s Felda and the rest of the other scandals.

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Imagine what the whole corrupt bunch have siphoned away from the public.

What stopped the MACC, the police and the attorney general from taking action earlier? Or is that a stupid question?

Now think of how public healthcare and university budgets have been slashed on top of GST being imposed on long-suffering Malaysians, some of whom cannot afford to put a nutritious meal on the table for their families.

Think of the senior citizens who have to wait for hours and hours in hospital and having to come back repeatedly because the hospitals are forced to ration medicine and give these patients just enough to last for a month or two. Think of how these retirees have to buy medical supplies from outside pharmacies and pay for screws and metal plates, because our hospitals don’t have enough funds to provide these items.

Think of the university students and those in rural areas, those in Sabah and Sarawak without proper schools nearby, electricity supply or even potable water, who are having such a tough time.

So you can imagine how many ordinary Malaysians felt in the run-up to the general election and why the BN fell with an almighty crash, as a real Malaysian tsunami swept across the nation.

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Wendy Giam
Wendy Giam
22 May 2018 8.50am

I really wanted to cry when I saw so much money and wealth that had been stolen by these thieves/ robbers! Even made me angry is that they are licenced to do so! My heart Pain when the article mentioned that many at Sawarak suffered without electricity n clean water. How can we Malaysian elected and supported these maroons to rule and ran our country for so many years? This is injustice! This is absurd!! We must get back every singles cents these robbers took from us and use to help those desperate poor people! We must not spare anyone that involved directly or indirectly in the stealing!

Manuel Augustus
1 Jun 2018 9.01am
Reply to  Wendy Giam

In short, we were taken for a ride by BN. They were nothing but a bunch of thieves.

20 May 2018 1.14pm

Look at Sarawak. BN’s vote deposit of Malaysia. These are some of Malaysia’s poorest people living in underdeveloped areas without electricity and even clean water. And to add insult, their lands have been signed off to the government contractors for timber and plantation projects. Thats what Bruno Manser and The Sarawak Report were/are trying to reveal to the public all this while. To get their votes BN politicians just have to promise “a road” or “a small clinic” and that is sufficient. Most are blackmailed with receiving no help from the federal government. By the way can we reopen an investigation into the disappearance of Bruno Manser?

19 May 2018 9.18pm

I only see coverage on Nazib & 1MDB. What about all previous BN Ministers, MB, DG???????? Waiting!!!!!

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