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Forget the ‘committee’, Mahiaddin; just reconvene Parliament now!

To insist that the PN government needs time now to study or review the situation is tantamount to playing for time

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Prime Minister Mahiaddin Yasin has said he did not want to delay reconvening Parliament but in the same breath added that “a committee comprising government and opposition representatives would consider whether Parliament should reconvene in a physical or hybrid setting”.

The PM’s response to the rulers’ wishes, which were clearly communicated, raises serious implications and fosters undesirable perceptions.

Some are already wondering whether there is a hint of disrespect. Others are slamming the PM for poppycock talk. Even Najib Razak, short of sniggering, has offered straightforward advice to Mahiaddin.

All this is not helping Mahiaddin’s ruling coalition, Perikatan Nasional. It also puts his handpicked appointments of political defectors to key positions in jeopardy.

The people have welcomed the rulers’ decision, as they know the palace has heard their cries.

So, Mahiaddin must retract his ‘explanations’, respect the rulers’ wishes and reconvene Parliament “as soon as possible”. There certainly is no need for a committee to study the urgency.

Common sense must prevail above all other hidden, political agendas.

To insist that the PN government needs time to study or review the situation is tantamount to playing for time. The rulers would have considered wide-ranging perspectives before issuing their order to reconvene Parliament “as soon as possible”. This phrase indicates that the matter is one of critical urgency.

For the first time since the ugly ‘Sheraton Move’, the nation can now cling to the hope for a rules-based democratic order.

The “as soon as possible” reinstatement of Parliament must not drag on beyond the 1 August 2021 deadline for the Emergency Ordinance to be lifted.

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The Mahiaddin administration must own up to a couple of facts if we are to see democracy return to full throttle so that we can overcome the healthcare, economic and political challenges.

The present government, which was given the benefit of doubt, must humbly admit it has failed to do an impressive job.

In the first place, Mahiaddin does not head an elected government but one that was brokered through MPs being enticed to defect.

The Mahiaddin regime should own up to its failed attempts and much-to-be -desired capability in tackling the health pandemic, which is now sinking to a possible endemic (as claimed by the Khairy Jamaluddin).

We need a leader who can race against time to jumpstart the economy and heal society.

We need the return of an elected government until the next general election. There is no time to waste.

Let our politicians come together to enable a rule-based democratic order to prevail. Let us return maruah (dignity) to the nation.

Hopefully, the “as soon as possible” timeline will be within a matter of days. Let’s just do it and get on with life for the love of the nation and its people.

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