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General election 2018: Rebirth or stalemate for Malaysians?

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The fate of the nation is in our hands. Finally, we the voters are responsible for the destiny of this nation, writes JD Lovrenciear.

The next 10 days will be the most trying moments in the history and experience of all concerned, discerning Malaysians.

The start, with the nominations, has already triggered much talk on social media.

One death (of a BN supporter who collapsed), several crazy oversights, and a string of disqualifications of candidates (leaving others poised to win) on nomination day have already cast a certain degree of gloom among citizens.

What will the next 10 days be like?

Come 9 May 2018, will Malaysians be a step closer to realising our aspirations for a better nation? Or will we trapped in a hung democracy? Or will we be back to where we started with dissatisfaction, grouses and ill feeling?

Indeed, it is no misplaced assessment that many see this as the mother of all elections.

We are not anymore at a crossroads. In reality it is a T-junction. Either we choose the correct direction and move onward with appropriate thinking, action and feelings; or we make a wrong turn and continue sinking in corruption, abuse of power, wastage and all the ills of bad governance.

The fate of the nation is in our hands. Finally, we the voters are responsible for the destiny of this nation.

Will we celebrate our wisdom and resolute will after 9 May – or will we have reasons and explanations and excuses for our foolishness and continued failure?

Pray, act wisely, think not of your glory. But that which matters most is the security and progress of the children who have placed the right to vote in our palms.

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