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Gosh, is this what they’ve been doing with our tax payments?

Cartoon from the book The Budget - How the Government is spending OUR money by Teh Chi-Chang

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We should review every single job or post that the government is wasting taxpayers’ money on, writes Sharp Observer.

I was flabbergasted at horrified to read news reports about a covert intelligence agency linked to the former prime minister.

Is this how our tax collection has been wasted away? A spy agency to just serve one purpose. Blimey! What a colossal waste of money as well as abuse of power. And to imagine someone got prosecuted for throwing yellow balloons down…

How long have these shenanigans been going on? Is this part of the unwanted 17,000 jobs that are bleeding our coffers dry while hospital and university budgets are being cut?

Earlier, it was reported that the Prime Minister’s Office had about 56 agencies or departments under it. Seriously. This is more than some countries have in total I would imagine.

Why so many agencies and so many ministries? Under the last government, there were nine ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department. Jobs for the boys, I presume.

How many of these agencies were directly related to the advancement of the 1Malaysia philosophy?

In the reforms to the government being looked at, the Council of Eminent Persons should also review and send back all agencies under the Prime Minister’s Office to their respective ministries eg the Land Public Transport Commission (Spad) and the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) should be put under the Transport Ministry.

We should review every single job or post that the government is wasting taxpayers’ money on and ascertain if the nation needs them; if not, initiate a voluntary separation scheme and let those holding such posts be on their way.

Although it is unpleasant or uncomfortable for people to lose their jobs, that should not be a criterion for maintaining unnecessary posts.

Sharp Observer is the pseudonym of a regular follower of Aliran.

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