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Honouring Palestinian courage

Their courage in the face of an existential threat of monumental proportions should inspire the world

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By Pravin Periasamy

Inspiration is the internalised admiration that results from observing something or someone virtuous. This then compels us to emulate or incorporate the subject of what is observed in our lives to achieve a greater good.

We become inspired by the rising of the sun every morning over the horizon. This inspires us to rise to our feet at the start of every day.

We become inspired by the tale of a notable person or a collective who overcome the odds to achieve an impressive or near impossible feat. This inspires us to cultivate a sense of direction within ourselves to strive towards a desirable goal.

Many refuse to entertain the thought of suffering from devastation. We go about our daily lives not willing to consider that everything we hold dear may one day be reduced to dust. Instead, we blanket ourselves with the warm, reassuring thought that we will continue to be preserved from harm and that our safety is assured.

But suffering in times of woe could be just a stone’s throw away. In the blink of an eye, the joys we have accumulated may be violently snatched from us, leaving us in ruin.

This grim possibility manifests itself in the catastrophe that is ravaging our Palestinian neighbours. Apocalyptic images of downtrodden families and destroyed homes in Palestine darken and sadden the world.

This unexpected tragedy has brought Palestinians to their knees. The destruction has caused unimaginable misery.

The endurance of the Palestinians, despite their hardship, is an inspiration that we in Malaysia should continue to honour.

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What is happening in Palestine has impaled the heart of the people there and any hope of democracy. Venomous fangs cripple the people’s capacity to resist a domineering regime using unrestrained violence.

There is no room for complacency. We must support calls for global authorities to act proactively – to prepare a strategy of deterrence against the unfolding bloodbath – and not reactively, to just respond to the present threat.  

Are we to explain to future generations that the way we soothed the cacophony of crying children was to simply have them cry a little longer?

The repercussions of the persecution of the Palestinians are real. Solutions must be put forward immediately, not delayed.  

The international community, especially the UN, must wake up from their hibernation. It must take immediate and extensive action in Palestine. It must provide hope for the suffering by calling for an immediate ceasefire to bring this slaughter to an end.

The courage of the Palestinian people, as they face an existential threat of monumental proportions, should inspire the world. It must not be forgotten.

Malaysia ought to explore more ways to provide aid to the Palestinians.

Pravin Periasamy is the networking and partnership director of the Malaysia Philosophy Society.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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Orang Ulu
Orang Ulu
19 May 2024 9.04pm

[Native Americans], African Americans, Filipinos, Afghans, Vietnamese, North Koreans, Sub-con Indians, Africans, Iraqis, Japanese, Cubans, Irish, Argentine, Koreans, Mainland Chinese etc..in varying degrees have similarly been mercilessly and inhumanely slaughtered by the genocidal Americans and British who share the DNA. Only when imperialists [are removed can] humans … hope to live in peace and harmony.

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