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Hope is dead. Long live politics

They may wear the badge of government, but they certainly don't represent the people, Caroleena Sue D'Cruz writes

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I’ve tried to stay as upbeat as possible through this endless MCO/CMCO/ RMCO alphabet soup of a year we’ve had.

But the sight of our unelected leader fumbling and bumbling his way through a terribly written ramble of a speech yesterday while he tried every which way to justify a completely unnecessary emergency has brought to stark reality the truth we have tried to shy away from – the powers that be really don’t have a clue.

And more importantly, they don’t give a damn.

No plan beyond a circus of lockdowns and semi-lockdowns.

No idea of what constitutes a strategy.

No understanding that having a plan means a coherent list of undertakings that have a clear goal. A common goal.

No idea of the reality that is the life of the people today.

That even under these circumstances, the ugliness of racism that makes up their DNA still rears its detestable head. And worst of all, it is relentlessly undermining the very future we are working so hard to create and shape for our children.

Shamelessly asking us to follow SOPs [standard operating procedures] when they don’t.

Hungrily slapping the poor who step out to buy food, while happily walking through parks in groups, laughing at the face of the law.

Grabbing with their grubby paws, snubbing all that is right and good, grinding into the dust any shred of decency and truth left in this land of ours – this land of all Malaysians.

Old men playing the same old games, while the young, the families, the teachers, the entrepreneurs, the smallholders, the scientists, the innovators, the academics, the creatives, the dreamers and the thinkers – the very future of this country – wonder where their next meal, their next lesson, their next job, their next pay cheque and their next hope will come from.

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To all of you who sit up there as if entitled, who swagger and strut, when in fact you stamp and stomp on your own people, I say to you: 

You may wear the badge of government.

But you certainly don’t represent the people.

Shame on you.

Caroleena Sue D’Cruz is a small business owner who reads Aliran

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