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How are we to celebrate Merdeka?

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What is it that is paralysing the realisation of a Malaysia for and by Malaysians, wonders JD Lovrenciear.

Soon the nation will have to showcase its pride on Merdeka.

Apart from the standard tradition of having a national parade and giving speeches and waving our Jalur Gemilang, the national flag, will we ask ourselves serious, honest-to-God questions about national unity and politically driven policies?

While we mark our enduring independence, we need to reflect in prayer and discussions: are we truly Malaysians?

Or are we more like tribal citizens, fighting for our own and distinct ethnic community’s peace, progress and development?

If, after six over decades of proclaiming Merdeka and putting forward a great performances of ‘nationalism’ on stage, we are still talking about racial and religious sensitivities, then are we truly a united nation?

If, despite having the same government in power for six decades until last year, we feel threatened by the many government policies that were rolled out in the past, then what nationhood have we built?

And even after having defeated the Barisan Nasional regime in the 2018 general election, we are still stuck in a quagmire of racial and religious bigotry, then what is going to be our future as a nation of ‘Malaysians’?

What is it that is paralysing the realisation of a Malaysia for and by Malaysians? What is it that keeps shortcircuiting policies meant to seal a symbiotic bonding among the various ethnic communities who profess a myriad of religious beliefs?

Or are we been directed by a purported “deep state” to a point where leaders remain perpetually trapped from liberating this nation onto the path of unity – without sacrificing all our rich centuries-old traditions?

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Or worse, are we the pawns of hidden powers who are the puppetmasters keeping us divided beneath this thin ice of make-believe ‘Merdeka’ celebrations?

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Ravi Nair
Ravi Nair
5 Sep 2019 10.35am

Malaysia for Malaysians was a Year 2018 mythical story published & broadcasted by PH.
Today I am very sure most Tax paying Malaysians have given up and told themselves No More Harapan.

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