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Hudud versus sharia law and Islamisation

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While BN is solely responsible for encroaching Islamisation of the country, it accuses Pas for being extremist in its support of Hudud, says Tota.

Graphic: kelatekito.net
Graphic: kelatekito.net

To Umno, hudud seems negative because Pas is promoting it. Funnily, Umno has criticised Pas for not implementing hudud law in Trengganu when it ruled the state! Umno does not have the courage to demonise it for fear of a fall-out from the Malay community.

So they have given this task to porn star Soi Lek to use freely the hudud issue to frighten the non-Malays, especially Chinese Malaysians. The strategy is to plant in the minds of the Malays that a vote for Pas is a vote for DAP and to evoke fear in the minds of the Chinese that a vote for DAP is a vote for Pas! This is the dirty political trick being played by the Umno-dominated BN.

Some of the things Soi Lek says of hudud are downright insulting to Islam but Umno, the so-called defender of the faith, does not mind it. Going by what Soi Lek says and claims lots of people in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Kelantan will be walking about without their arms! Only the punitive aspects of hudud – chopping off a thief’s arm, women stoned to death for adultery – has been deliberately stressed.

Islam is a great religion which stresses the social responsibility of the state – i.e. society’s role in looking after the welfare of its citizens and providing justice. The state is responsible for educating its citizens and teaching them skills to enable each one to earn an honest living. If despite this, a person steals then he meets the punishment in accordance with hudud law. It is actually to ensure deterrence.

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During the Prophet’s time, money from the Muslim treasury was approved for repairing a dilapidated church, unlike Malaysia where overzealous religious bigots in town and city councils have destroyed Hindu temples and threatened with demolition churches built for Orang Asli. So a proper understanding of hudud law and how it will be implemented in practice is necessary to get rid of the fear factor. Umno-dominated BN shamelessly uses the hudud issue to frighten the non-Muslims and the liberal and progressive Malays.

Let us examine Umno-dominated BN’s Syariah law and Islamisation of the country. A half-past six ex-PM, with the consent of the MCA, MIC and Gerakan (the so-called defenders of their respective communities’ interests) amended our secular Constitution in 1988 to introduce Syariah Law and set up the Syariah Court. (The half-past six ex-PM later said that he was lucky to get away with the amendment.)

The civil courts were to exist alongside Syariah Courts, which was to cater for Muslims only. This arrangement has created tremendous problems for a spouse if the partner converts to Islam and also converts under-aged children. The spineless civil court judges have refused to handle such cases although the marriages were contracted under civil law. They have advised the wronged spouse to seek justice from the Syariah courts! Such a suggestion is more than stupid.

The Islamisation and Arabisation of the country has negatively impacted the non-Muslims. What is considered unsuitable for Muslims is deemed unsuitable for non-Muslims too. Unlike Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population, all hotels in Malaysia are pork-free and even tourists have complained that they can’t get a bacon-and-egg breakfast. But liquor flows freely in the hotel bars. The refrigerators in the rooms are stocked with beer.

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The bibles in the hotel rooms have been removed. Books considered unsuitable for Muslims are banned, denying non-Muslims the opportunity to read whatever they like to develop their intellect and broaden their horizons of knowledge. If Muslims are happy to submit to this mind-control strategy to keep them under the proverbial coconut shell, so be it. The government should issue a list of books that Muslims are not advised to read, like what was done by the ancient Catholic Church. This will not violate the rights of non-Muslims.

Similarly, films considered unsuitable for Muslims are banned by the Censor Board. For example, the award-winning film “Babe”, in which a pig plays the main character was banned. Recently a Tamil movie ran into trouble because some Muslims claimed there was something unsuitable for Muslims and the film was banned initially but was later released, after the offending portions were cut.

The Islamo-fascists’ preoccupation with Islamic attire has affected non-Muslims negatively. The Islamic dress code is imposed on non-Muslims at certain functions. Non-Muslim students of local universities have protested about this. Until quite recently, Indian lady teachers were not allowed to wear sarees to school. Security guards at libraries, museums etc deny entrance to non-Muslims in skirts or in attire that exposes their legs entirely.

The stand taken by the government and the Islamic religious establishment on the use of “Allah” apparently borders on stupidity. The claim that it is an Arabic word is false. The etymological origin of the word is Aramic – Elah; In Hebrew it is ‘Elah’. The Arabic version is ‘Allah’. Islam came into existence in 622AD. The word ‘Allah’ was used about two thousand years before. Sikhism has used the word after 1469. The word is used freely in the Middle East, Egypt, Jordon, Lebanon, India, Pakistan and Indonesia. What right has anybody to privatise this word?

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Umno has colonised the education system and has completely destroyed it. Because the Sekolah Kebangsaan have almost become Islamic religious schools, the non-Malays do not send their children there and prefer the vernacular schools. With the help of the Islamiofascists at the Curriculum Development Centre the syllabus has been doctored to serve the Islamic cause. One needs to consider just one subject – history. The upper secondary textbooks contain six chapters on Islam! There is nothing about the other religions. Worse, the texts contain very derogatory remarks about the non-Malays. The literature textbook ‘Interlok’ was withdrawn after protests from non-Muslims for a similar reason. The almost complete control of the public sector-civil service, schools, colleges and universities, police, army, navy, airforce, etc – reveals how the Islamofascists in every layer of government operate.

Discredited leaders like Soi Lek, in the MCA, the MIC and Gerakan – the so-called defenders of the interests of their respective communities – have betrayed their communities. They have placed personal interests above those of the communities they pretend to represent. For example, Soi Lek, an adulterous porn star, continues as MCA President. What more, for being an Umno bootlicker he is rewarded with the chairmanship of Penang Port!

So, Soi Lek stop barking about hudud law and hang down your head in shame and repent for betraying the Chinese Malaysian community.

Tota is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to our Thinking Allowed Online section

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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