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I challenge Zahid, Hadi, Muhyiddin and Najib; I dare them to declare their stand!

Where does Warisan stand?

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Do they dare to endorse Shafie Apdal’s declared policy of a nation for all Malaysians, P Ramakrishnan asks.

The best news about the Sabah elections was unfurled in a banner attributed to Shafie Apdal, the caretaker Chief Minister of Sabah and president of Parti Warisan Sabah.

It reads:



It takes a lot of statesmanship to stake his political future in an ideal that attracts a lot of admiration for his courage and sincerity. Coming from a Muslim leader, it only emphasises that he is a true Muslim.

In Islam, we are told there is no discrimination. We are made to believe Islam compels its adherents to be fair and just to all. Apdal’s banner represents this sacrosanct value of Islam.

So far, no Malay leader has ever stated so clearly how a nation should be built. Their only goal, it seems, is to establish a Malay government. Their declared ideal is “Ketuanan Melayu”. Their stand is “Ini tanah Melayu” where non-Malays will apparently be tolerated reluctantly.

No Malay leader, whether from Umno, Pas or Bersatu has ever proclaimed that under the Federal Constitution every citizen is equal before the law. No Malay leader has reprimanded when half-baked supporters of their party branded the non-Malays as “pendatang”. No Malay leader has ever chastised their supporters who call on the non-Malays to leave the country.

To build a nation, we need to be far-sighted; we must be driven by a vision that this land belongs to all citizens; we must consciously promote unity and harmony among the various races; we must condemn corruption; we must fight for the rule of law to guide our lives; we must honour the judiciary; we must uphold the principles of the Rukun Negara.

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These are essential values to build a nation for all Malaysians.

Will the Umno president, Zahid Hamidi; the Pas president, Hadi Awang; the Bersatu president, Muhyiddin Yassin; and the former Prime Minister, Najib Razak, endorse Shafie Apdal’s declared policy of a nation for all Malaysians? Do they have these sentiments in their hearts to proclaim that they too subscribe to this noble objective for this nation?

If you do, state so now, clearly and unequivocally, that this is also your shared vision for Malaysia.

But we know it is like crying for the moon, which is unattainable. If they embrace this wonderful vision, then they are doomed to lose support from the extremists and the bigots and the greedy who prop them up.

We plead with the Malaysians in Sabah to show the way forward for the rest of Malaysia by overwhelmingly supporting and electing the candidates from Warisan Plus and PKR. Reject all the others as spoilers of our future.

In your hands rests the future of a nation we all earnestly crave for.

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Lim YL
Lim YL
21 Sep 2020 5.49am

For all malaysian

Woo Chee Ko g
Woo Chee Ko g
20 Sep 2020 8.54pm

You left out the Old Fox and Pejuang.

Dr.Suranthiran Naidu
Dr.Suranthiran Naidu
20 Sep 2020 2.46pm

The late Satem of Sarawak had the clarity and vision for a ‘true’ and functioning Malaysia, for ALL Malaysians.Now, Apdal is professing the same.I humbly ask all Malaysians to NOt be the US we see so starkly everyday today-white supremacism ‘dismissing’ and denigrating all other citizens generally,despite their all-embracing Constitution.Similar to our context, reinforced by RUKUN NEGARA. We can ‘educate’ ourselves,our YOUTH with the fullest commitment and love for our nation, to grow together as common and equal citizens.I ask all Malaysians to do their bit vigorously.The simple West Msns,E Msns want peace, and a progressive nation.They want this for their children here.Federal Constitution can be our pillar of strength, as Malaysians.

Ramanathan Chelliah
Ramanathan Chelliah
19 Sep 2020 1.10pm

Politically ambitious malays have been cheating their own kind to enrich themselves. Let us hope and pray the malaysian youths unite to build our nation free of coruption, greed, cheating and fake information. Let Shafie Apdal and sabahans who are malaysians, win the coming elections. Let MUDA with the help of TUA bring hope for a better malaysia for our children and theirs. IN GOD WE TRUST.

18 Sep 2020 11.22pm

Anwar’s declared stand on eradication of poverty irrespective of race or religion is same as Shafee’s building a nation’s idea

Wan Ismail Annuar
Wan Ismail Annuar
18 Sep 2020 9.19pm

We, as Malaysians, must endorse Shafie Apdal’s call for a united Malaysia. We don’t want Malay supremacist and religion agenda.


Benedict Lopez
26 Sep 2020 11.17am

A Warisan poster read, ” In God We Trust, United We Must. That should be the stand of all Malaysians. VOTE WARISAN

loyal malaysian
loyal malaysian
18 Sep 2020 6.30pm

Rama, we will only hear the sound of silence!
Yes, it is brave of Shafie to make that statement.
Let’s hope Sabahans will give him the support come Sept.26th to lead our nation forward on that platform.

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