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Is this Umno’s position: You can drown in the flood for all I care – I only want your vote?

Ramai yang terkesan akibat dari respon yang tunggang-langgang – Slow response to floods - ZUNAR

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Ignoring the inherent dangers and ignoring the possible loss of lives and livestock, Umno successfully forced the hand of a feeble prime minister and won the day for disaster!

It is important to take note that Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob did not lose a vote of confidence when he advised the Agong to dissolve Parliament; neither was a government bill defeated to force a general election.

What was abundantly clear was the indisputable fact that the PM still enjoyed crucial majority support; a united cabinet did not vote unanimously for the dissolution of Parliament. The opposition was solidly backing him to continue with the administration of the nation. As facts stood, there was no urgent need for a fresh election at this juncture.

Why then this foolish move to hold an election during the anticipated rainy period of the annual monsoon season? Wasn’t it apparent that this was a foolhardy course to pursue?

Clearly, this is the work of a small coterie of Umno politicians facing court charges or having pending cases hanging over their heads with the possibility of others facing the wrath of the law for their misdeeds! The work of this vested interest group is behind this move to compel an early election by forcing the hand of a very weak PM.

The PM, who is also an Umno vice-president, knows he is beholden to the 37 Umno MPs because they put him there. Given the thin majority, they can easily pull the rug from under his feet by sacking him, if need be, if he fails to bow to their bidding. What is at play is the selfish interest of these Umno MPs and the greed of Ismail Sabri in holding on to power as PM.

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Each for his own selfish end decided to call for a fresh election, come what come may. They are not bothered if voters have to wade through floods for their livelihoods or have to squat on rooftops for help that takes days to come.

It doesn’t seem to concern them that we have a history of people drowning in their hundreds in the past and this scenario is likely to repeat itself.

Is it Umno’s position: You can drown in the flood for all I care – I only want your vote? Lest we forget, in that famous novel, Dracula sucks the blood of his victims dry so that he can live. His survival transcends the very life of his victims!

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15 Oct 2022 12.48pm

It is time that we just NEED a different leadership. People who can be servant-leaders are hard to find. Society NEEDS to carefully identify such people who will go to the ground for the PEOPLE of all groups….

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