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It’s raining kembung in Penang!

Do we really want land reclamation to erode our food security, resulting in higher fish prices for all?


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This is ground zero of the proposed 4,500-acre land reclamation site off the southern coast of Penang Island, where the state government plans to build three artificial islands.

Supporters of the reclamation claim the area is hardly a major fisheries area.

But as the video above shows, these fishing waters yield large hauls of ikan kembung or Indian mackerel (widely know as ikan rakyat or the people’s fish) for the fisherfolk, especially during the rainy season like now.

During bountiful times like this, the fish are sold at just RM10 – RM20 per bakul (basket), according to Zakaria Ismail, the Sungai Batu fishing unit head – a highly affordable source of protein. Compare that to the fish from aquaculture farms, which tend to be more expensive.

At other times, the fisherfolk haul in udang besar, the larger prawns, which earn them a decent income while satisfying the palates of locals and visitors alike.

“This is the proof,” says the fisherman in the video, filmed at around 9am today. “This is not empty talk, it’s not our coffee-shop talk. We’re showing you videos and photos….

“Our sea has abundant marine life – fish and prawns – that provides a good livelihood for the fisherfolk. If this place is reclaimed, we won’t see this anymore. Maybe by then the fish prices will be RM20/kg or even RM50/kg, because there will be hardly any fish left here.”

So, do we really want land reclamation to erode our (affordable) food security for the ordinary people, resulting in higher fish prices for all?

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Paul Lim
Paul Lim
24 Oct 2021 12.38am

Can there be an Island-wide protest in Penang and tell the DAP party that if they will not listen to the voices of people they will not be the next government of Penang?

21 Oct 2021 5.19pm

Do not see how reclaiming 3 islands will create jobs to spur the post Covid recovery. We live at Gurney Drive directly over looking the island being reclaimed by E&O. For the initial 4 years there was hardly any workers during the reclamation efforts. Just ships sucking out sand from the sea to fill up the island.

Look at Johor’s over supply of empty housing now stating that the changes in the MM2H program will affect the take up rate of these empty buildings. Is Penang not affected the the strict revisions in the MM2H program?? Assuming that Malaysians flock to Penang to buy these properties, can the roads on Penang island take this additional loads? Easier to tear down low rise and build high rise to rejuvenate the island

Ravinder Singh
Ravinder Singh(@ravinder-singh)
20 Oct 2021 10.53pm

YB Zairil should get as many reporters as possible to tag along with him into the Bay of Teluk Kumbar to see for themselves the SHALLOW MUDDY WATER that he spoke of. I would like to join the “lawatan sambil belajar”. If the Penang South Reclamation site proves to be SHALLOW MUDDY WATER as claimed by YB Zairil, I will support and campaign for him. I HOPE YB ZAIRIL WILL BE GENTLEMAN ENOUGH TO TAKE UP THIS CHALLENGE.

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