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KPI – a flying start

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Mr PM, at best, your KPI is a joke; at worst, it is a farce, says True Malaysian.

When Najib assumed the post of PM, there was endless talk of transparency and accountability in the conduct of the nation’s affairs.  Following in the train of his talk was the announcement of KPI (Key Performance Indices) to be applied to all and sundry in the public service – ministers, deputy ministers, civil servants, the police, judges, etc.

For almost 40 years, Penang had a Gerakan chief minister.  Penang has the rare distinction of kicking out CMs at elections – Wong Pow Nee (Alliance), Lim Chong Eu and Koh Tsu Koon, both of Gerakan.  In the March 2008 elections, Gerakan got the boot.  Gerakan not only lost the state but was shamefully humiliated – it did not win a single seat!  By any standards, Koh Tsu Koon’s KPI is zero!  Yet he was brought into the Cabinet through the backdoor – the Senate –  and was charged with the responsibility of implementing the KPI.  What an irony!

The only Apex (Accelerated Programme of Excellence) university is Universiti Sains Malaysia. It was given the privilege of recruiting its own students – without the help of the Unit Pilihan Universiti, and remember what a mess they made.  It was a severe embarrassment to USM.  By any standards, it was disgraceful and there were calls for the resignation of the VC, Dr Zulkifli.  Some correspondents to the papers suggested that had this happened in Japan the VC would have committed harakiri. Zulkifli’s KPI must be pretty good to qualify him to be appointed to the PM’s Economic Advisory Council. Do not talk about a square peg in a round hole. As a pharmacist he will probably know what drugs are required to stimulate our shaky economy. Who needs economists to fix our economic woes?

Police inefficiency and corruption are legendary and it required a Royal Commission to make recommendations for improvement.  Much of the recommendations like the setting up of the IPCMIC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission) have been totally ignored. Crime rates – murder, rape, kidnappings, snatch thefts, burglary – are galloping.  Many have died in police custody and strange reasons are offered by the police – water in the lungs, kidney failure, liver failure, etc.  I believe thus far only two police personnel have been punished with prison sentences. Even coroner’s inquests are few and far between.  The police operate according to their own laws. Rule of law, it seems, is not in the police vocabulary and their actions are perceived as lawless and against constitutional guarantees: no wearing of black shirts (I suppose this applies to Chinese mourners following a hearse); no display of “Abolish ISA” badges; no lighting of candles during candlelight vigils….  

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa, a so-called lawyer, is clueless about the citizens’ constitutional rights, human rights, civil rights and liberties like freedom of speech, right to dissent and peaceful assembly.  Countless police reports, many alleging serious offences, have been made against the IGP but the AG has not acted,and without the IPCMC the complainants can do nothing.

In the name of national security the police acted heavy-handedly against the Bersih and Hindraf supporters.  Police action on these unarmed, peaceful people were dispicable.  Tear gas and chemical-laced water-cannon were recklessly used and in one case a Malay was reportedly blinded permanently.  During dozens of Umno-organised protests after 8 March 2008, the police, whose expertise appear to lie in the use of tear gas and water-cannon, were conveniently and conspicuously absent.  The IGP often calls on the opposition to obey the law.  Did the Umno mobs obey the law, especially in the cow-head incident? When Dr M lost his bid to be a delegate from Kubang Pasu to the Umno general assembly, he said that Malaysia had become a police state.  For once he spoke the truth.  If the BN has not realised that the IGP is the biggest BN coffin nail supplier at elections and by-elections, it had better do so fast. What would the IGP’s KPI be?  For what is perceived as his meritorious service to Umno, according to some, he has been granted another year as IGP!

Jamaluddin Jarjis, a minister, was accused of groping by a GRO at the Havana Club. The victim made a police report. Inexplicably, the victim withdrew her police report saying that she had made a “mistake”.  She said that he was like a father to her and was merely “playing”with her.  Come to think of it, how could a strict Muslim Minister who does not consume alcohol have been ‘mabuk’ to do such a thing as groping a GRO?  Maybe he was drunk on orange juice!  Anyway, it is good to have a sugar-daddy who is as playful as a puppy!  What would JJ’s  KPI have been to qualify for an ambassadorial appointment to the US?

In 2005, the Umno Disciplinary Board found Isa Samad guilty of money politics and he lost his Umno Vice-Presidency post.  He was also barred for three years from participating in Umno elections.  What would be the KPI of such a tainted Umno politician?  Today, he is the Umno candidate in the Bagan Pinang by-election.

What a flying start to the implementation of KPI in reality!  No wonder cynics have turned the “1Malaysia: People first, Performance now” into “1Malaysia: UMNOputra, though tainted, first performance ta kira”!

Mr PM, at best, your KPI is a joke; at worst, it is a farce.

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