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Lim Kit Siang is not the same as Tan Sri Lim Kit Siang!

The only way to stamp out the lies and slander about May 13 is by nailing the falsehood and allowing the truth to prevail

Did Lim Kit Siang miss out on meeting his long-lost 'relatives'?!

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When Lim Kit Siang was a mere politician from the DAP, all sorts of unproven allegations were hurled at him. But they made no impact on him as a politician or as a person.

These wild allegations were like so much water off a duck’s back. They never stuck or brought him down.

In politics, one can be reckless and careless and sometimes get away with it. Now it is different. Kit Siang is no longer in the rough and tumble of politics.

Now that he is a Tan Sri, the same malicious allegations cannot be thrown at him, especially when he has effectively retired from politics. It is not proper, perhaps even mala fide. Tan Sri is the second highest federal award conferred on a Malaysian.

Not everybody will be considered for this honorific title. The recipient must be a person of high standing.

For the Agong to confer this title, the character and integrity of a person must be of the greatest consideration before a person is picked for this great honour. It would mean that the person had served and contributed greatly to the wellbeing of the nation. In the case of Kit Siang, this high national honour has come after five decades of national service.

Taking all these factors into consideration, the Tan Sri title conferred on Kit Siang cannot be denigrated. It is an insult to the title; it is like questioning if the title was conferred rightly on any person when, in this instance, honouring Kit Siang can be said of him having embellished that title.

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This is why an independent commission of inquiry must be set up to either confirm or demolish these allegations. If the allegations are confirmed, then the title must be revoked. It is a question of our national honour. If the allegations are false, then the full brunt of the law should land on the culprit making the allegations.

The government must have recommended Lim Kit Siang for this honour. Its judgement and sincerity must be beyond question in recommending Lim Kit Siang for this conferment. The findings of a commission of inquiry will also confirm the government’s role, whether its selection was right and deserving.

For far too often, Kit Siang’s alleged role in May 13 has been cooked up in the most scandalous manner to character assassinate him. He was falsely accused of urinating on a flagpole in Harun Idris’ compound.

Do you think that Kit Siang would be so stupid and reckless as to go into Harun’s compound? It would be like walking into the lion’s den. It was a hotbed and nobody would venture there!

Annuar Musa, a former minister and Umno strongman but now Pas member, claimed that Kit Siang’s speeches were racially charged and that Kit Siang made such a speech in Kota Kinabalu “while the killings were taking place in Kampung Baru” in Kuala Lumpur. Kit Siang has denied this.

Kit Siang was never in Kuala Lumpur on the night of the riots. He was in Kota Kinabalu giving a public speech. It is a well-known fact that Kit Siang had strenuously denied any involvement in the May 13 riots that rocked this country.

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Kit Siang had sued former inspector general of police Hanif Omar in 2018 for falsely alleging that Kit Siang “wanted to split Malaysia along racial lines”.

Consequently, three years later, Hanif retracted his statement and tendered an official apology to Kit Siang.

From all accounts, Kit Siang was never in any way connected to the May 13 riots. But it’s a wonder why the police have not taken action against those spreading such lies.

Any reference to May 13 is a political ploy to cause fear and anger against the ethnic Chinese, especially the DAP. It affects our national harmony and disturbs our peace.

If I may, it is most unbecoming of a former minister to indulge in breeding mosquitoes rather than draining the swamp in making such allegations to cause fear and anger against an entire community in our beloved country.

The only way to stamp out the lies and slander is by nailing the falsehood and allowing the truth to prevail. This can only be done through a commission of inquiry.

We hope the government will act as soon as possible to resolve this issue. It needs immediate attention.

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Dr Jayamohan
17 Sep 2023 5.12pm

We need a Malaysia for Malaysians.
Not a Malaysia for the W.H.O. or W.E.F. or U.N. which are funded by elites like Bill Gates & George Soros with vested interests and a hidden Agenda.
It’s high time that Malaysia & ASEAN countries aligned itself with the BRICS Countries which are committed to Peace, Economic Development & Prosperity for all it’s peoples.
The World Council for Health could be a better alternative to the Big Pharma controlled W.H.O.

Paul Lim
Paul Lim
16 Jul 2023 3.14pm

There were many others wh bought their way into this title with the BN governments??

Stephen Tan Ban Cheng
Stephen Tan Ban Cheng
14 Jul 2023 9.05pm

I am wondering aloud. Saddled by the problem they themselves authored,
the PN-PAS-Gerakan coalition leaders may be attempting, time and again,
to provoke a perverse response from the Unity Government leaders to
reverse their adverse position in the political arena until after the six state
elections are over.

Make no mistake. Any response must be cool, calm and collected. Even

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