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Looking forward to tonight: Mahathir, remember what you promised

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Many Indian Malaysians are hoping that Mahathir and his team will improve the lot of the Indian Malaysian community, writes Selvie.

I look forward to ushering in a new Malaysia by midnight today.

At the last general election, I tried my level best to encourage voters to change the government.

Knowing the insecurity of some in the Malay community who think that voting for the opposition is like voting for Chinese Malaysians and that they will be ruled by the Chinese, I have explained to my friends and relatives to accept Dr Mahathir Mohamad this time. This way, these Malays will not feel insecure about voting for Pakatan Harapan and changing the government.

Today, I can feel the change is for real, and once again with all my friends and relatives, we will be leaving home as early as 6.30am to the polling station. We had another sleepless night last night as we dreamed of saving Malaysia after six decades.

We hope Mahathir will keep his promises in his manifesto and show a special interest in the Indian Malaysian community like he has promised. Just to remind him:

1) Waive the red identify cards and grant citizenship
2) Issue them birth certificates
3) Provide equal opportunities for scholarships and university seats
4) Provide equal job and promotion opportunities

If Mahathir really feels sorry for the Indian community, for the sorry situation they are in, he should focus on rectifying the damage that took place during his 22-year tenure.

The youth should be corrected and dissuaded from thuggery and other unhealthy habits. This is shameful as the community was respected during Tunku Abdul Rahman’s time.

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Our people do not hang around outside drinking in groups, creating an unpleasant environment in the neighbourhoods, stealing or fighting for nothing. But today, it is painful to see everything upside down in the community.

Many do not even have a proper place to live. Some of the drains around where they live are clogged, and there no proper rubbish bins or rubbish collectors. Rats are drawn to these places and the surroundings stink.

Please treat these people like human beings who need proper sanitation and hygienic surroundings. As you are a doctor, I need not explain further. We hope you will provide them with a clean living environment even if it is low-cost flats or terraced housing.

We want our younger generation to take their rightful place in society. My family and friends will vote for you, Dr Mahathir, to improve the lot of the Indian community.

We want a harmonious Malaysia without ethnic and religious conflict and dirty politics.

Happy voting!

Selvie is an Aliran newsletter subscriber. She says, “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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9 May 2018 6.29pm

YES… Tun M. Please do not forget. This may be your last hurrah. give yourself this blessed chance to be remembered by all malaysians as a truly honorable statesman.

Donny Loo
9 May 2018 2.42pm

👍 We pray and hope for a change for the better for the Indian community. Abandoned for 60+ years

Roy Sharma
9 May 2018 2.44pm

I can’t wait for the day when Indians in Malaysia can take control of their own destiny instead of relying on others like politicians to solve their problems. Positive values have to be inculcated by parents down to their children and that be constantly repeated to the next generation again and again. The vicious cycle of poverty is real for some and they need intervention from the state but after 60 years of independence when will we Indians learn to start standing on our own fully. Our destiny is our own and not determined by others. Many have done so with great success they have broken out and their generation will prosper, but a lot have not. I don’t have an answer but I know no politician can bring lasting change to Indians in Malaysia.

9 May 2018 6.37pm
Reply to  Roy Sharma

True enough Roy. However , external factors and the political environment.. are they conducive and helpful to the downtrodden…?

Arul Selvan Jeyaraj
9 May 2018 11.53am

Out with #BN
Out with #Najib…!!!

Taring Tebrau
9 May 2018 11.47am


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