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‘Madani’ government has let the people down – with Najib

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Najib’s sentence reduction has sparked a major discourse across the country, for better or for worse.

The current state of affairs can be summarised in one sentence: The “Madani” (civil and compassionate) administration has let the people down.

Since November 2022, when Anwar Ibrahim’s reign as Prime Minister began, we have seen minor successes.

But many major blunders have opened this administration to criticism and mockery. From the nepotism in picking Anwar’s daughter Nurul Izzah as his economics advisor (thank goodness she resigned), to the dragging of the Israel-Palestine debacle into our education system, and to the ‘reduction of Najib Razak’s sentence.

The vast majority of my peers and I who voted for Pakatan Harapan are severely disappointed with the direction this nation is taking. We may be forgiving of the countless blunders made by this administration, but sometimes lines must be drawn.

If Anwar and his administration cannot fulfil election promises, the PH voter base could plunge. The parties of the coalition in PH are failing us day by day. This is a major slap in our faces.

What do the other leaders in PKR, the DAP and Amanah have to say about this? They are muted. Excuses are not acceptable after more than a year in power. Was Najib’s sentence reduction to reduce the likelihood of the decimation of Umno as a whole in the existing coalition?

Realpolitik implies deals and compromises had to be made for the current administration to stay afloat for the next few years.

But this administration is now walking on thin ice, in fear of collapsing and causing another round of political instability.

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Politics brings together strange bedfellows.

Ironically, Anwar’s slogans, campaign and conviction centred on the idea that corruption has to be wiped out. Yet certain actions and decisions made under the Madani administration’s watch are outright contradictions.

Malaysia must brace itself for tough times. Strong headwinds lash against our economic, political, social and legal systems.         

Corruption and abuse of power have infested and damaged our nation. The hope was for the Madani administration to stop the rot. The reduction in Najib’s sentence and fine requires clarification. It is unacceptable for many reasons. We want an answer why it happened.

Regardless of how we voted, we can agree that injustice cannot be tolerated. Offenders who break the law have to be dealt with under the rule of law.

But can the spirit of the rule of law ever be upheld, especially after what has happened over the decades, in the milieu of our existing political culture?

We are too docile and often censor ourselves. Some of us naively hope things will get better on their own accord. Others surrender, believing nothing will ever change even if we try our hardest.

I beg to differ. People must express their concerns and raise their grievances with this administration.

After all, Anwar says he wants to heed the wishes of the people. If so, he needs to tackle the critical issues afflicting the country and think carefully before deciding and making his move.

As of now, the damage is done, and there’s no going back. Najib’s partial pardon will forever leave a major dark spot on this administration.

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Who is Anwar pandering to? This is not ‘compassion’, as he would like us to believe. It is a major disgrace to the nation. It signals that the act and practices of corruption can easily be forgiven, that corruption is alive and well today.

When push comes to shove, we the people have the right to vote Anwar out of power. Perhaps a third party or coalition may arise to rival the existing coalitions in the future.

To the Madani administration, I say, get a grip – or else, face the people at the ballot box.

Enoch Lim is now doing a masters in public administration at a public university in the Malaysian peninsula. He graduated with a degree in politics and government studies in Sarawak

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Khushwant Singh Ranjit
Khushwant Singh Ranjit
20 Feb 2024 10.06pm

Good…vote the Madani government out in the next election and let Hadi & Co run the country.

Orang Ulu
Orang Ulu
18 Feb 2024 8.48pm

Madani PM is only good in temberang … Everywhere he goes after a lengthy temberang he will end it with a declaration of peruntukan cash grants (aka bribes) . Abusing billions public funds for unproductive use. These unproductive distribution of public funds contribute to inflation and weakening of ringgit.

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