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Mahathir, descendants of foreigners must not be citizens? What about yourself?

It is unfortunate he thrives on division and segregation. The reality somehow escapes him!

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Sometimes we wonder how on earth Mahathir comes up with brazen statements that are bewildering! He is never consistent with his views and doesn’t mind at all if later he contradicts himself.

He spoke like a statesman when he declared that in 2020 – later extended to 2030 – we would have a “bangsa Malaysia” – a united Malaysian nation. We are just seven years – only seven years – from that dream and that ultimate goal that we were anxiously looking forward to!

He brings all those hopes and aspirations crashing down by wanting to champion the ethnic Malays and downplaying the ethnic minorities’ right to citizenship. If only he had held on faithfully to that dream of bangsa Malaysia, he would have won a place in our hearts and gone down in history as a statesman!

But it looks as if he would rather be a petty politician than a statesman. He couldn’t suppress the Mr Hyde in himself!

He still ungratefully refers to those descendants of immigrants who came and developed this country as “foreigners”. They had slogged and sweated and contributed greatly to the development of this country in more ways than one. But he completely ignores their contributions.

Many have been here as residents for generations and they know no other country as their own. Others have been here far longer and for many generations more than Mahathir. Their loyalty has been to Malaysia and this has been their only home. He deliberately ignores this and distorts their rightful place in this country.

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He speaks nonsense when he foolishly claims that “promoting a multi-racial Malaysia is ‘unconstitutional’ and will ‘wipe out’ the Malay land”. How can this be unconstitutional? And how can the place of the majority in this country be wiped out?

Who is wantonly promoting multi-racialism, Mahathir? We evolved into a multi-racial country as a natural process. This is inevitable. This is something that cannot be stopped. We will forever be multi-racial!

Malays form 62.5% of the population; so where is the danger they will become insignificant in this country? There is not even the remotest possibility of this ever happening! But Mahathir is not bothered about the truth or the facts!

When he says “we are willing to share our country”, when did Malaysia become his country? Wasn’t he a product of a foreign immigrant? Going by his argument, does that entitle him to claim Malaysia as his own country if Malaysia, again going by his argument, is not a country for all Malaysians?

It is unfortunate he thrives on division and segregation. The reality somehow escapes him!

To a large extent, the government must share the blame for Mahathir playing the racial game. I’m just dumbfounded that the law has not been applied on him!

I am sure we all remember the May 13 racial riots in 1969 that resulted in a state of emergency being declared in the country, and National Operations Council (NOC) then ruling the nation temporarily. The conditional return to parliamentary democracy on 23 February 1971 made it criminal – among other things – to question the citizenship of Malaysians and the Constitution was amended accordingly.

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Now that it is criminal to question the citizenship of the ethnic minorities, why then has no action been taken against Mahathir and all the other extremist Malay politicians who question our place in this beloved nation of ours. This has been a sore point and a very sensitive issue that affects our harmony and unity.

To preserve this, stern action must be taken immediately when anyone foolishly, even in their fevered illogicality, dares to question our citizenship. If no action is taken, it would be unfortunate if some view this as tacit encouragement by the government that calls itself the “unity government”!

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Khoo Soo Hay
Khoo Soo Hay
13 Aug 2023 9.13am

I name him, the Pendatang from Kerala who hijacked the Malay Agenda! Long may he be remembered!

Stephen Tan Ban Cheng
Stephen Tan Ban Cheng
7 Aug 2023 1.47pm


In Buddhist literature, an arahat – a perfected or enlightened person is named
Boh Lean. He volunteered to bring the dead over the bridge crossing the river
that divides the living and the dead.

Mahathir can never be a selfless Boh Lean. Mythologically speaking, he has
crossed the river and will destroy that bridge called the River Styx in Greek
mythology. This is the only Chinese belief that approximates that Greek

As a citizen of foreign descendants, he denies his ancestry and assumes the
Malay identity to tell other such descendants they have no right to citizenship!

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