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Malaysia’s new PM could rescue and resuscitate moderate Islam

The country needs to witness the glory and goodness of moderate Islam healing the nation


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Since the horror of 9/11, the beauty and promises of a moderate Islam has been undermined by extremism by some quarters. 

That extremism is, on the one hand, militantly driven with piercing calls of ‘jihad’ and, on the other, sowed with panic prejudices. 

In Malaysia, it appears that the late ‘Tok Guru’ Nik Aziz Nik Mat virtuous effort to raise the country’s theocratic political party Pas to walk the middle path has been eroded by the party under its current leader, Hadi Awang. 

The just concluded general election shows how religion was abused to such an extent that many believe that Islamic extremism is already taking root in the country. 

Islam is being abused by certain quarters and consequently its beauty further mired in fears about the religion. 

I believe Anwar will rescue the beauty of Islam which is truly a gift to humanity till the end of time. 

No person has the right to abuse the faith for a self-serving agenda. 

The new PM – who seems to be an answer to the fervent prayers of every moderate Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh – is a moderate Muslim himself. He is learned and intelligently schooled and articulate in matters of faith. What he lacks in knowledge, he has secured through reliable access to inspired minds. 

As world leaders send in their messages of congratulations and hopes for a better future upon his arrival in Putrajaya, there is an urgent need for Malaysia to return to its more moderate Islamic past, as in the independence era.

Our rulers, who are the custodians of the faith, have for some time now kept the faith going for the good of their subjects and nation. 

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But the direction being taken by certain politicians who have abused Islam as a means of seeking power must cease, with the arrival of Anwar as the most powerful person in the country. Together with the support of the rulers and all moderate, learned scholars of Islam, the task of pulling the brakes on extremism can be easily and quickly achieved. 

The country needs to witness the glory and goodness of moderate Islam healing the nation. It must put an end to the subtle extremism being sowed by certain quarters. It needs to correct and erase the fears and prejudices that are taking root among both moderate Muslims and non-Muslims. 

Only then will we have rescued and returned the position of Islam to its rightful honour as enshrined in the country’s supreme charter, the Federal Constitution, for the good of the nation and its people. 

Onward Anwar, for the moderate, peace-loving people of Malaysia are ready to march with you. 

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