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Malaysia’s political debacle leaves people in the lurch


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The political wheeling and dealing these past six months has eroded the nation’s ability to marshal its collaborative strength, JD Lovrenciear writes.

Whichever camp you belong to, suspicions linger that the Malaysian political debacle is hurting the people’s livelihoods like never before.

Businesses are suffering, not just because of the coronavirus pandemic. The political wheeling and dealing these past six months has eroded the nation’s ability to marshal its collaborative strength to patch the economic blows that the pandemic has inflicted.

As we witness the political manoeuvring and subterfuge in the peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak, we would be foolish to believe that we will get back on track – economically, socially and politically – in the months ahead.

The failure of the Barisan Nasional-led government after six decades of the people giving it a blank cheque has not taught Umno, the MCA, the MIC and their East Malaysian counterparts much today, as they ally themselves with the BN’s former arch-rival, Pas.

Likewise, despite the people handing a ticket on a silver platter to Pakatan Harapan to govern a ‘new’ Malaysia, the second-time prime minister lost the rudder completely – wilfully or unknowingly.

Lest we also forget, the advent of Perikatan Nasional through a backdoor coup, after which they gave an assurance that they would save Malaysia, has not resonated deep in the hearts of the people.

Our daily news provides nothing but sheer anguish. As truth takes a hit, we hear all kinds of threats, promises and endless bleating from politicians from all sides of the divide.

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If we claim that Malaysia is not being stymied by the ongoing political debacle, we must be blinkered.

The marketplace is shaking its head in disbelief. Even the business community appears uncertain about which camp to bankroll!

Is there anyone who can put a stop to this ongoing debacle?

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Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh
20 Jul 2020 10.45am

Is ‘Malaysia’s political debacle leaving people in the lurch’ not the result of people’s own choice as rakyat voted them to power and some of them have been in power for decades? PEOPL DESERVE THE LEADERSHIP THEY VOTED IN POWER AT EVERY ELECTION INCLUDING THOSE SOME WHO MAY HAVE CHANGED THEIR LOYALTIES [by being FRGGS who jumped parties perceived to be more for personal interest] BY JUSTIFYING THAT THEY LOST CONFIDENCE IN THE LEADERSHIP OF PARTIES UNDER WHOSE SYMBOL THEY STOOD FOR ELECTION [but refuse to resign and seek vote of their voters to confirm their change in parties] EVEN THOUGH MAY BE PERCEIVED TO HAVE BETRAYED THEIR TRUST WHEN VOTING FOR THEM.

Teo Chuen Tick
19 Jul 2020 6.54am

From the ashes, the phoenix will arise – a lovely metaphor from fairy tales but as we look at our political landscape it is obvious no such happy ending in our country.
July 28th will be another milestone – GE15 may be forced on the palace door PM.
Or our country will declare to the world that Cash Really is King, thus enabling the palace door govt.to continue breeding and feeding frogs and leeches.
No matter which scenario, it is obvious PHminus is in dire straits – it does not have the numbers for a vote of no-confidence against the PM – and the lack of cohesion within the coalition means Tumpas will probably give them a knockout blow come GE15!!

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