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Those awkward moments: Memories of Najib in pictures

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As the 1MDB scandal exploded, beleaguered former Prime Minister Najib Razak cut an increasingly forlorn figure on the international stage, looking distinctly out of place. CW looks back at some of these classic moments.

An article last year, “Why are foreign leaders snubbing Najib ahead of Malaysia’s election?” noted that leaders of Saudi Arabia, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, China, and other world leaders had been ignoring ex-Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

At the time, then Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak argued that the article was an example of “fake news”.

But was it? Now that Najib is due in court soon to stand trial for international financial crimes, it is worth revisiting five occasions when he appeared to be ignored by world leaders.

In France

In this infamous 2015 photo (top) at a meeting of world leaders in Montmorency, France, Najib looked conspicuously ignored and out of place.

For context, by 2015, Najib’s 1MDB scandal had already grown into an international embarrassment to Malaysia.

In America

Pay attention, folks!

On 13 September 2017, this photo from Najib’s own website shows that he delivered a speech at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, attended by an audience of “Southeast Asia policy experts, U.S. Government officials, and other thought leaders”.

But some in the audience don’t appear particularly interested in what Najib is saying.

In Saudi Arabia

No place for four?

On 21 May 2017, world leaders, including Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and US President Donald Trump, launched the Global Center for Combating Extremism in Riyadh.

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Once again, Najib looks sidelined.

By the European Union

Err, where’s Najib?

Last January before the 2018 general election, 17 European Union ambassadors and leading diplomats held a two-hour meeting with Pakatan Harapan leader Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

According to news reports, “the meeting was focused on pressuring Prime Minister Najib Razak’s administration to ensure that the 14th general election is conducted fairly.”

To our knowledge, the EU leaders never invited Najib to a similar meeting.

At Asean, by US President Trump

Finally this viral video captured at the 2017 Asean summit in Manila: US President Donald Trump sees Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor walking towards him, presumably to have a chat.

But the US president notices the couple, immediately stops chatting with the Indonesian president, folds his arms and silently ignores the Malaysian couple while they walk away.

Overall, global leaders probably ignored Najib because of his poor international reputation. He is due in court soon to stand trial for stealing billions from the Malaysian people.

Speaking of which, ever since Najib was ousted by Malaysian voters, has any government in the region missed him? Probably not.

CW is the pseudonym of a regular Aliran reader.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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18 Feb 2019 7.35pm

Haha! 🙂 The Najib photos made his illiterate BN cybertrooper trolls cry in this comment section…because Najib is still a total embarrassment to Malaysia! BN can’t handle the truth…too close for comfort. 😉 BN = gullible and brainwashed bigots.

18 Feb 2019 7.24pm

Najib looks super Guilty & Constipated.

James Hoh
17 Feb 2019 4.04pm

Aliran should not waste time

amri el wahab
amri el wahab
16 Feb 2019 3.49pm

Malu apa boss ku……

Antares Maitreya
16 Feb 2019 1.24pm

The joke is… they’re ALL just as corrupt!

16 Feb 2019 1.23pm

Tiba tiba mintak donation.. Dh takda cerita ker nak tagih duit pulak nak truskan. Cerita basi dan mundur… Move on 😌 please.

16 Feb 2019 11.11am

Najib is not going to prison…..Anwar is not going to be PM, if he is then Najib and Mahathir will be going to prison…

Go figure…..

Rajan Subramaniam
16 Feb 2019 10.54am

Looks like constipated…

16 Feb 2019 10.12am

Najib shadow is still haunting you?
He lost the election, remember?
He has been punished, move on
Check the current admin, or else get back to sleep

16 Feb 2019 8.20am

hei aliran…you gather all your energy to put this stupid…stupid article??? King of Saudi, Donald Trump invited DSNR personally to their country…all over the world know that…do you think Malaysian readers stupid, dont read the news? Well maybe PH readers are….bangkrupt of ideas, nothing else to put?? only thief, 1mdbd…thats it…hei what about the country economy..did the world leaders, investors now rushing coming to the country, to meet your so call clean leaders??? people are tired now with all of these accusation laa…stupid..

Lim kit Sing
Lim kit Sing
16 Feb 2019 8.20am

Desprate nak malukan orang (Najib) la tu.. aliran.com website sampah.. negative post.. tahap blog budak sekolah

16 Feb 2019 7.40am

See the media posting?All the assumptions, insinuations desperately trying to portray najib as the poor guy, guilty before being charged in court but the majority of the rational malay bumiputra muslim voters are staunchly rock solid behind this thief of hearts, why? The answer lies before you, and it is rather scary but the rakyat is actually putting PH under an undeclared trial by the masses. The alternative media can never be trusted!

Robert J.O
Robert J.O
16 Feb 2019 7.35am

Being snubbed and ostracized by World Leaders is the most embarrassing moments that can be felt not only by the perpetrator but the also the Nation. In all probability, he would have buried his head in the sands like an Ostrich and thinking he is hidden from prying eyes but forgetting that his bottom is exposed to be freely slapped left and right by One and All for such a shameful act of indecency particularly of a world leader.

Being ignored in any forums is the most deserving of brigands caught with His hands in the cookie jars. Before long he will be presented in court for the many alleged sleazy acts of thievery with reports and pictures which will be emblazoned in all press Media’s and Television networked the World Over.

David joss
David joss
16 Feb 2019 7.23am


Mohd nizam
Mohd nizam
16 Feb 2019 6.44am

Curse him whatever u want.. Rakyat loves him now. PH full of … I regret. Now start to wonder are all these 1mdb.. Altantuya c4.. Etc are just slanders. None of the chargers in court are related to it…

Laurent Lassee
Laurent Lassee
16 Feb 2019 3.52pm
Reply to  Mohd nizam

Your comment is just dumb and explains why Malaysia is in such a dire situation… The previous govt did everything they could to cover their tracks and you expect the new one to undo everything in just a year? As a foreigner, I’m in shock to see how your political scene is just a farce.

Lee Chew Ling
Lee Chew Ling
16 Feb 2019 8.45pm
Reply to  Laurent Lassee

But Laurent Lassee, many previous govt members are now in the current gov including the DPM and still they cannot uncover what they were doing before 😂. So actually yours is dumber and unneeded

Meran Cobain
16 Feb 2019 12.14am

Haha.. some idiots still talk about Najib even though PH government is full of … no wonder PH = Pakatan Hipokrit and its supporters are hypocritical idiots 😂

Kam Chee Ng
15 Feb 2019 10.50pm

No body talk to him? Pity this lonely king of cash

Zawawi Othman
15 Feb 2019 10.19pm

Najib said he now..theft of heart.

Hamirudin Hamzah
15 Feb 2019 9.55pm

Poor Najib.

Ismile Aron
15 Feb 2019 10.01pm

TakMaluBossKu. Pembesar luarnegara pun tak nak cakap & berdiri rapat dgn kleptocrat. Sebab mereka tau bezakan negsrawan dgn perasuah.

Arul Selvan Jeyaraj
15 Feb 2019 9.27pm

Why so sad Najib Razak…???

Coster Chen Coster
15 Feb 2019 9.16pm

Lonely theft of heart.

Lili chili padi
Lili chili padi
16 Feb 2019 11.23am

Pandai pandai tupai akhil juga jatoh dalam tong tepung

Keat Lee
15 Feb 2019 9.22pm

Ta malu sedikit pun!!!😁😁😁

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