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Mind-boggling illegal land clearings thriving to this day

File photo: Kledang Perak land clearing

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How did the clearing in Perak escape the eyes and ears of those in authority, asks JD Lovrenciear.

The illegal land clearing spotted in Perak is truly baffling. It seems that the land was illegally cleared to plant oil palm at Bukit Kledang in Ipoh.

We are not talking abut a few hundred square feet of illegal activities that would have been hard to detect in real time. No, it is a case of 10 hectares forest on hill slopes cleared and already planted with seedlings.

No one could have committed this rape over days let alone weeks. It must have taken huge machinery to deforest, remove the timber, cut the slopes and move tons of earth before many more hands were employed in planting the thousands of seedlings.

And all these escaped the eyes and ears of those charged with the relevant responsibilities? And only now we get the news of such ‘illegal’ activities? Who is in charge of protecting our beloved country?

Such stories are not new. We know of similar activities in many States. We know how natives have had their ancestral lands encroached upon by illegal ‘approvals’.

It seems that some people are least afraid and throw caution to the wind, breaking laws in the country with impunity. If we cannot spot such illegal land-clearing even before the machinery starts the rape, how will we know of robbers, thieves and terrorists operating the length and breath of the nation?

This episode must be the last time this is allowed to happen. Otherwise, one day this beloved country of ours will be reduced to a hopelessly failed state.

Top leaders in the new government should speak up once and for all, for the love of our country and to preserve the natural heritage for future generations.

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JD Lovrenciear, an Aliran member, is a KL-based writer, trainer and consultant who also offers his time to support initiatives to build a progressive society. He is also a vice-president of Patriot, the National Patriots Association
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9 Feb 2019 7.39am

Its very frustrating to see such thing still happening under PH. Even I can see it almost 5KM away from the road as we drive. Looks like the local Authorities are either Blind or Corrupted at the highest level. When will all these nonsense ever end!!!!!!

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