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Moral policing and piety politics will ruin Malaysia

Don't impose one faith community's religious values on others

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In a diverse society like ours, the moral and religious values of one faith community should not be applied to followers of other religions or affect them.

Unfortunately, the Pas-led Kedah state government is going ballistic with its piety politics. 

Such moral policing using one religion’s edicts to blanket a multi-religious population is foolish. 

Religious values need inculcation through education, family upbringing and exemplary, uncorrupted leadership. 

Banning gaming and alcohol businesses will not get the nation anywhere except sink us all into a make-believe, stagnated and impoverished nation. 

Nations that had tried such piety politics have bankrupted the potential of their people and sunk their countries in abject poverty.

Let’s face facts. Even prostitution thrives in places that control their masses using religious mantras and enacted laws. Theocratic politics died ages ago, with the ending of the cruel crusaders. 

Hopefully, people will come together with a powerful voice of rejection, to put the brakes on piety politics and moral policing. 

Malaysia cannot regress into the dark ages. We need to move on with reforms that make us a progressive, prosperous nation. 

We should not kill the economy by promoting blanket, restrictive religious laws that cannot make us any richer in values and convictions. 

Hopefully, those in power and especially the custodians of religions will step forward and stop the uncontrolled advances of moral policing and piety politics in the country and not react only when such regressive actions descend into extremism. 

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11 Jan 2023 2.09pm

SLM MSIA.Education, with a balanced curriculum,constituted of the various dimensions relevant to a multicultural nation, instilling the voices of our founding fathers and the contributions and roles of all Msns in forging our nation as it is today- wobbly tho, NEEDS to be actively presented to our young, especially. The media, with government fully advocating the above, can reach society in general and the divisive adults particularly, who have been falsely indoctrinated with a false history of OUR nation and racially inflammatory religious teachings. Good spiritualism sees no differences amongst God’s creations of his peoples. I am prayerful, they can be ‘educated’ positively and be inculcated with values of universal lOVE and TRUTH.

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